Berlanti’s Little Shops Of Horrors Casts Its Leads


Fans rule pop culture today in every way and manner. If the fans want something they will probably get it one way or other they need just a way to show it. You want to see the story of an antihero say it, you want to see the story of a villain say it, you think that series felt incomplete say it or do you want to revive something say it.

Literature that was created a decade ago but didn’t receive a proper adaptation is now getting the focus. The witcher and Game of Thrones are case in point. But amidst Reboots and Sequels this year it seems remakes has also gained a certain extent of momentum.

One of the remakes in the pipeline is the widely acclaimed Little Shops of Horrors. The Little Shop of Horrors was widely successful, it spawned a musical, 2 movies and countless reiterations on Broadway since.

This success is what inspired Warner Bros. to remake it in modern times with Greg Berlanti one of their most trusted and successful creators with Arrowverse and Love Simon. Since then information about the project has been minimal. But now according to the reports the movie is in the casting process with Taron Egerton and Scarlett Johannsson both been offered the lead parts.

Egerton is reported to be in discussions for the character of Seymour Krelborn and if it is so then there is no one better for it considering that he had played this role in his Broadway outing.

Scarlett is reportedly in talks for Audrey Fulquard, who works in the story’s florist ship. And seeing the kind of performances she has turned in over the years she will be perfect for the role.

Seeing the amount of talent involved in the project and the strength of its content we can comfortably say that this movie will turn out to be the one to see.


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