110+ Ben Kingsley Quotes That Will Make You Love His Works

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Ben Kingsley quotes that will make you love his works. There are so many Ben Kingsley quotes that can help you when you are tired of being in the same old rut, and all you need is a little push, a little inspiration, a smile on the face, change of mood, bring you out of the banality of life, make you laugh a little, or may even make you cry a bit, and these Ben Kingsley quotes exists just do that.

Ben Kingsley is a very famous English actor and has a career that spans over 50 years. Ben Kingsley has won a Grammy, an Oscar, two Golden Globes, a BAFTA, and also one Screen Actors Guild Award.

Ben Kingsley is well-known for his role as the character, Mohandas Gandhi in the movie, Gandhi, for which Ben Kingsley had won the Academy Award for Best Actor. Ben Kingsley has made an appearance in Twelfth Night (1996), Schindler’s List (1993), House of Sand and Fog (2003), Sexy Beast (2000), Shutter Island (2010), Lucky Number Slevin (2006), Hugo (2011), Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010), The Boxtrolls (2014), Iron Man 3 (2013), and also, The Jungle Book (2016).

Ben Kingsley had been appointed as Knight Bachelor in the year, 2002 for his services to the British film movie industry.

We have dug up these Ben Kingsley quotes from the depths of the internet and brought together best of these sayings in a single article. This post is probably the biggest database of Ben Kingsley Sayings in a single place. These famous Ben Kingsley quotes have the power to change your life by giving a novel outlook about the way you observe different aspects of your life. Hence, these popular Ben Kingsley quotes should be read with caution and proper understanding of the context. Here are tons of Ben Kingsley quotes that will open a treasure chest of Wisdom and experiences:

“But comedy I’d love to do as much as humanly possible.”

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“I always try to find something I admire about every character I play.”

Ben Kingsley famous quotes

“All the great writers root their characters in true human behaviour.”

Ben Kingsley popular quotes

“I have a rather naive approach, I think, to my job.”

Ben Kingsley quotes

“In cinema, the leading player is the director.”

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“As a singer, I might have fallen among thieves. I wonder if I’d still be alive by now.”

“As an actor there’s no autonomy, unless you’re prepared to risk the possibility of starving.”

“But filming is good for you, because the crew isn’t allowed to laugh. You can’t get addicted to getting the laugh.”

“Equal partners aren’t always what we envision as being manifestly equal. Equality can come in many different shapes and sizes and combinations.”

“Ever since I did Sexy Beast in 1999 my career has been very busy and very rewarding. It’s a wonderful time for me,”

“Everything that’s made me what I am today is part of that process of being intrigued and curious. But I really couldn’t put my finger on any specific trigger from my childhood.”

“Family is family over the internet, over Skype, over the telephone. Love is love. You don’t have to actually go through some ritual to prove that you love somebody.”

“Fifteen years before I became a screen actor, I was in the theatre. A lot of my work was comedy, which I loved doing. It’s harder.”

“Filming is so much to do with rhythm, as is music, and if it isn’t there then you know in the end nobody can save it really, they can’t.”

“Hamlet is an astonishing intelligence.”

“Hopefully, as I get older in the business, I make my choices more accurately, and I perhaps know from either the script or the first meeting that it isn’t going to work.”

“I am not a classical actor; I am an entertainer. I fell into classical acting by mistake and actually started out as a singer. I wrote the music for a musical play and it transferred to London and I sang the songs in London.”

“I didn’t go to drama school because, from the first refusal I then, as I said, a couple of weeks later, was offered a professional job, where I am immensely grateful to the journey.”

“I do believe female directors, as well as our female writer, can bring out male vulnerability that some men can’t because they can’t face it.”

“I do remember, as a child, that I always imagined, when I was maybe 6 or 7, my fantasy was that everywhere I went I was being followed by an invisible film crew.”

“I don’t honestly think people know what acting is.”

“I don’t think that making ourselves invulnerable to feeling any onslaught to our feelings will help us in life, ultimately. I think we only learn and grow by allowing ourselves to be really challenged by those feelings that do overwhelm us occasionally.”

“I don’t want to be like the actor who rehearses everything in the bathroom, then comes to the set and carries on completely uninterrupted while the other actors tiptoe away.”

“I have done three makeup tests and I’m very, very happy with them. I am completely unrecognizable.”

“I have never felt bereft of anything.”

“I honestly have no strategy whatsoever. I’m waiting for that script to pop through the letterbox and completely surprise me.”

“I hope I’m able to achieve more on camera through stillness, through focus, through being quite careful to do less on every take, rather than more. So I’m reducing, rather than adding. Which hopefully is a good exercise. That’s what I’d like to do.”

“I just loved playing a man who was unafraid of making an idiot of himself in the process of falling in love. I found that admirable.”

“I just try to do the things that I respond to, that just grab me when I read them for whatever reason. It’s hard to put your finger on it.”

“I like to do one or two films a year. But I can’t prepare for something until I know what it’s going to be. So I find that doing some narration, or maybe a documentary, is like going back into the gym for a couple of days.”

“I love storytelling. If you strip all the bits away, what you’ll find at the center is a storyteller. As I warm to my career and love it more, I have a sense that storytelling is healing, in many ways. You can reach an audience and heal, and by heal, I mean entertain and provoke. It’s a wonderful life.”

“I may return to the stage, but not in the foreseeable future.”

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“I never read anything in print about me. It started with not reading reviews and with the greatest respect to my publicist here, I never read interviews. I was there when I gave them. I never read reviews. I was there when I did the jobs – so I’m totally immune. I live in a bubble.”

“I never went to drama school. I went straight into the theater. We had the most extraordinary voice teacher. I worked with her when I was starting out in my career. How to place my voice from a very relaxed position was all wonderfully reminiscent of going back to the basics. But I always like to do that with any role that I do, to dismantle it and put it all back together again.”

“I think a great director is able to conclude things with grace… and I remember Gandhi ending in a very similar way.”

“I think if I were to go back on stage I might be in great danger of acting.”

“I think I’m more bonded, emotionally and in a craft sense, to films that tell extraordinary stories about extraordinary destinies.”

“I think Romeo and Juliet is uplifting. That’s how much a son wishes to avenge his father. That is how much two young people can love each other.”

“I think that all of us either lose touch with the child inside us or try and hold onto it because it so precious to us and it’s such an extraordinary part of our lives.”

“I think that most actors attempt to keep in touch with the child.”

“I think that Shakespeare had his male side and his female side extremely well developed. And this was a great quality of the Elizabethan, all-around Renaissance man. They were not afraid of their male side and their female side co-existing. This somewhere along the line got lost. And then it got misunderstood.”

“I think that the stamina, the marathon stamina that you required of your actor, I probably developed on great texts during my Shakespeare tenancy, if you like.”

“I think that various styles and methods and approaches are an invention of people who don’t understand the process of acting and who try very hard to label things.”

“I think that you can fall into bad habits with comedy… It’s a tightrope to stay true to the character, true to the irony, and allow the irony to happen.”

“I think the actor has a tribal role as the archetypal story teller. I think there was a time when the storyteller, the priest, the healer, were all one person in one body. That person used to weave stories at night around a small fire to keep the tribe from being terrified that sun had gone down.”

“I think the cinema you like has more to do with silence, and the theater you like has more to do with language.”

“I told myself that I would not go back to the camps as an actor ever again, that I was very frightened of wearing a yellow star. It was fear, it was cowardice, I was.”

“I told the queen that winning an Oscar pales into insignificance. This is insurmountable,”

“I try and reduce myself to an almost blank slate and hope to God that I am creative.”

“I use my intuition, my imagination, my voice and my body. That is really what actors do. There is a lot of nonsense talked about acting, but really all we do is use our voice, our body, our imaginations to create portraits about people so that you and the audience can be pulled into beautiful stories.”

“I want to play a man in uniform. I’ve got tremendous respect for that life that they lead. We know so little about it. It’s never discussed or talked about, when they come back from battle. I want to examine the choices that have to be made in some terrible times. I’ll get to wear a uniform.”

“I was fortunate as a young actor, to go straight to the RSC, where I learned that being an actor can bring with it wonderful responsibilities.”

“I would like to make it known, on this program, loud and clear, that I would absolutely embrace with all five of my arms being a Bond villain.”

“If I were to play somebody who ran a fish and chip shop, I would not work in a fish and chip shop for three months. Staring at chips is not going to help me in my performance.”

“If it’s a really well written villain, he probably has more layers than the archetypal good person. So that would be very attractive to an actor. No one chooses to be a villain; it’s usually a reaction to something else.”

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“If people are generous with their information, then the actor can use that information lovingly and respectfully.”

“If the director wishes to print it, then you have a series of choices, maybe millions of choices within that minute-and-a-half, or 80 seconds, or 2 minutes or however long or short the take is, you have all those choices committed to celluloid. I find that absolutely thrilling.”

“If we hit the collective nerve of the audience on that night, that they would be standing up and rushing towards the stage to hug us.”

“If you are a libertine, if you’re not given to long-term faithful relationships, you tend to project your behavior onto everyone else. It’s like the person who knows they’re not trustworthy; they tend to mistrust everyone else.”

“If your best friend has stolen your girlfriend, it does become life and death.”

“I’m convinced that had I not changed my name, I don’t think I would have had quite the same career curve that I eventually had.”

“I’m holding a mirror to the audience and telling them there is a violent person in all of us.”

“I’m so dependent on reacting to the other actors on the set, and to the director. I’m very responsive. I react. And I treasure the energy that reaction gives.”

“I’m very in love with the fact that the camera is revolted by acting and loves behaviour.”

“In England, it’s now Sir Ben. Mister has just disappeared. It’s not even on my passport anymore. They’ve taken Mister away from me.”

“In my own experience, in portraying other men and earning my money by pretending to be somebody else, it has stamped me with what the actor is-tribally central and socially peripheral.”

“In order to inhabit a villain, you mustn’t care what the audience think of you. That’s not why you are there. You mustn’t care for a second whether the audience likes you or dislikes you. Your villain has to be way beyond that.”

“It doesn’t get any easier. I still get very nervous and excited, but I’m hoping… what I’m trying to do is simplify. That’s what I’m trying to do.”

“It is better for me to serve a charity as an actor or a voice, rather than at a luncheon being just a celebrity.”

“It’s Sir Ben. I’ve not been a Mister for two years.”

“It’s very difficult to be objective about one’s childhood because you have no perspective on it. I have nothing to compare it with. The only way I can lead any kind of a comparative life is to portray other men.”

“I’ve met quite a number of people in my career, but I do have an extraordinary memory. And even though they may drift into the periphery of my memory, I can bring them right back when I need them.”

“I’ve never had to turn my hand to anything for monetary gain, other than pretending to be somebody else. I’m deeply fortunate.”

“John Lennon and Ringo Starr liked my songs. I used to write songs and they heard me sing songs on stage in London.”

“Millions of children are disempowered and we need to empower them.”

“Movie magic is movie magic and acting magic is acting magic.”

“My line-learning is very special. I like to learn the dialogue of the whole film before I arrive.”

“One of the greatest things drama can do, at it’s best, is to redefine the words we use every day such as love, home, family, loyalty and envy. Tragedy need not be a downer.”

“Quite often when I’m cast in a movie, I’m asked to bring whatever intelligence is there to the surface.”

“Shakespeare villains were extraordinary. Macbeth, Iago, Richard III… They’re so richly layered that a British actor would find it almost impossible to create a two-dimensional villain, if he’s explored in his early years or continues to explore his Shakespearean heritage. You can almost not judge them, if they’re played really well.”

“Shock is shock. Your body goes into shock, regardless of it being real blood or fake blood. The mind sends powerful messages to all the various glands and secretions in the body. It’s impossible trying to act it; it just happens. It’s a very important question: no acting.”

“Sometimes it’s right to do the wrong things and right now is one of those times.”

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“Somewhere in your career, your work changes. It becomes less anal, less careful and more spontaneous, more to do with the information that your soul carries.”

“That hunger of the flesh, that longing for ease, that terror of incarceration, that insistence on tribal honour being obeyed: all of that exists, and it exists everywhere.”

“The astonishing silences in a Tarkovsky film… can sweep you into screen and… you don’t want to end.”

“The biggest surprise in a man’s life is old age.”

“The camera does not like acting. The camera is only interested in filming behaviour. So you damn well learn your lines until you know them inside out, while standing on your head!”

“The environment forces you to be utterly dependent between “action” and “cut” because the environment is perfect on your fellow actor. So as an acting exercise, it’s absolutely thrilling that the focus that we had to bring to each other echoed in life, echoed in art. And when you get that parallel, it’s really thrilling and it’s full of surprises, but it all has a logic.”

“The hierarchy of class in London was rigid. It was like a religion. It still is to a certain extent.”

“The leaping Jaguar on the bonnet, to me, makes it look more like a hunter than something that is getting away. It’s a hunter. Richard III definitely would have had a chauffeur driven Jaguar MK X.”

“The many many imponderables come together when a film opens and for all sorts of reasons it may or may not succeed.”

“The number of choices you make in the event that you see on stage, those choices are sometimes largely determined by the rehearsal process and the experiments that you go through and the choices that you make in the rehearsal room, not in front of an audience.”

“The title is the equivalent of when you become a doctor after years of medical school training… I suppose after years of chewing up the furniture and scenery on stage and in films I get to Sir for being a thespian.”

“The trick is to try and justify every word on the page and make sure my character is the man who would say that.”

“There are some directors, lesser in confidence or skill, who make the actor feel very uncomfortable because you feel you’re auditioning for them, every day, and that’s a terrible feeling on the set.”

“There have not been any troughs as regards my work. There’s never been a trough of my assurance.”

“There is always something about the villains that I’m able to play, quote unquote, that isn’t villainous.”

“There is so much to do on a film set. It is an extraordinarily invigorating and wonderful place to be, when things are running well.”

“There was one titanic guiding light on the film set, and I was in the presence of a true Mahatma, in the deepest and most profound sense of the word.”

“There’s always a part of me that’s migrating. That’s so much part of my attempt to portray all these different men. The sense of being displaced from my home, homeland and language is a very real part of my working life.”

“There’s so much crap talked about acting.”

“They’re a very strange lot actors, very strange people.”

“Unfortunately I went to a hotel in Krakow, and unfortunately, one night, there was a brawl in the bar because a horrible anti-Semitic remark was made to one of my fellow Israeli actors, one of my fellow actors who was an Israeli, sorry, and we were all extremely upset. I reacted rather violently, I’m afraid.”

“We are adjusters. We empathize, we change rhythm and above all we listen to our fellow actors-if they’re good actors.”

“Well, it’s wonderful to be identified strongly with my work.”

“What is chess, do you think? Those who play for fun or not at all dismiss it as a game. The ones who devote their lives to it for the most part insist that it’s a science. It’s neither. Bobby Fischer got underneath it like no one before and found at its center, art.”

“When Attenborough asked me to do Gandhi it was almost like stepping off one boat and stepping on to another, even though both boats are going at 60 miles per hour.”

“When I choose a role it’s either because I recognise the man, or that I’m very curious to know him. If I neither recognise nor know him, then it is better that I don’t play him.”

“When you drop your guard in films, the acting process compensates. You get lazy and you start acting.”

“With narration, you have to be very accurate with your voice. It’s a good exercise to do.”

“Working in film, if you work with great directors, you learn that after every take you must let go. Sitting with my wife at the Academy Awards, we both let the moment just go.”

“You can throw away the privilege of acting, but that would be such a shame. The tribe has elected you to tell its story. You are the shaman/healer, that’s what the storyteller is, and I think it’s important for actors to appreciate that. Too often actors think it’s all about them, when in reality it’s all about the audience being able to recognize themselves in you. The more you pull away from the public, the less power you have on screen.”

“You cannot learn a lesson of profound forgiveness unless you understand what it is to be wounded and forgive that which has wounded you.”

“You don’t go to a town to present the play and have applause at the end of it, but that’s benign conquest. It’s a glorious way of exploring other landscapes and other cultures in a very life-affirming way.”

“You want to know what I want? I’ll tell you what I want. I want back what Bobby Fischer took with him when he disappeared.”


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