35 Incredible Behind-The-Scenes Images Of Henry Cavill That Will Surprise Fans


Pitch: Henry Cavill is Superman on screen, but, things are often different Behind the scenes. How different? Check these images out!

Henry William Daigliesh Cavill as Wiki prefers calling this fantastic British actor, has become a true blue superstar. His film career began with The Count of Monte Cristo in 2002, and although he has done a number of films over the years, his biggest shot to fame came when he appeared as Superman in the DC Comic book based movie Man of Steel that released in 2013. It was a huge challenge for him as an actor because of multiple reasons. Superman is a legendary comic book character which has a huge fan following, and before Henry Cavill put on the costume, various other actors have played the role over the years, so Cavill had to not only deliver a compelling performance, but, he also had to prove that he was as good as the others, if not better than them.

However, it is to the credit of the great actor that Henry Cavill is that he not only delivered a worthy performance but, also got the shared DCEU going with Man of Steel. While the film had mixed reviews like almost all other DC movies apart from Wonder Woman, there is no doubt that Cavill nailed the role of Superman as far as the physique and his acting is concerned. Since then he has reprised the same role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. Despite his brilliance, these films especially Justice League failed to meet expectations on the box office and underperformed to a great extent. No matter what the fate of the movies was, we have brought to you a compilation of some mind-blowing BTS Henry Cavill images which you can check below:

1. Wow!

2. Hi!

3. Ohh Yeah!

4. LOL!

5. OMG!

6. Ooh!

7. Lovely!

8. Fantastic!

9. Batman Vs Superman!

10. Sun On The Set!

11. The Shots!

12. The Flying Scene!

13. Fabulous!

14. So Cold!

15. So Cute!

16. Homeless!

17. Adorable!

18. Man of Steel!

19. Set Photo!

20. Hola!

21. Mind It!

22. Hehe!

23. That Expression!

24. The Stunt Double!

25. Amazing!

26. Perfect!

27. Wow!

28. Haha!

29. That Body!

30. Cool!

31. With Lois Lane!

32. Awww!

33. Wonderful!

34. Henry Cavill Behind-The Scene!

35. Handsome!


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