Batman’s Costume Reveals A Heart Breaking Detail


DC has struggled with their Batman since Nolan to say the least. The last adaptation they had of Batman in the form of Ben Affleck did not work and nobody can point out why. But the fact remains that Batman is one of the signature heroes of DC and if they want to establish their legacy in the movie screens, it is more than important to get him right.

Therefore the stakes for Reeve’s movies are higher than ever. People are really looking forward to his Batman and Gunn’s Suicide Squad because both of them promised a change of tone. So forgive us when we went out of our minds when Robert Pattinson, who will play the caped crusader first look as the titular hero was revealed. Of course everyone started to notice the littlest of details there was to.



As far as his costume was concerned it is more than clear that it is very much influenced from Batman: Arkham video games. His mask literally reminds us of the Adam West Batman as it is stitched along the nose. But the most prominent was his chest insignia.

His chest insignia was not the typical Bat symbol we have begun to expect. It was very different in its outlook. The Bat symbol like in other reiterations is not made of metal, but has a weird grittiness to it as if it is broken out of something.

If you hold that line of thought and have a little knowledge about the comics, your heart by now must have broken. Just like many fans who immediately made out that it could be pieces of Joe Chill’s gun. Joe Chill is the person who killed Thomas and Martha Wayne, Bruce aka Batman’s parents.


It will also remind you of the heart-breaking monologue in “Manufacture for Use”  a part of Detective Comics #1000 where Bruce brought the gun that killed his parents from a pawn shop, broke it into pieces and wielded it into a weapon that he put in front of his chest. He went on to say that the very thing that broke his heart as a child will now protect his heart.

Well give me the tissues.


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