20 Fantastic Batman Vs Superman Comics Proving Who Wins The Battle


There are always choices to be made and sides to be taken such as Star Trek vs. Star Wars, X-box Vs. PlayStation or Coke vs. Pepsi. There are various mega face-offs from the contemporary pop culture. However, no other rivalry matches up to the battle between two of the mightiest DC characters, aka The Dark Knight and the Man Of Steel. This battle was raging years before Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice brought it on the big screen, and the Sadffleck meme is not enough to end this either.

Whether we talk about an actual battle that took place between these two superheroes or just the perennial fan debate about which one of the two would win in an imaginary fight, the fight between Batman and Superman has led to scores of passionate nerdy arguments and also to a plethora of internet comics which impartially create a mock-up battle and the people who are absolutely emotional about discussing the subject.

Our aim is not to defend or offend either camp of this fierce rivalry, and we endeavored to create a healthy balance between Bruce Wayne’s alter-ego and the alien Kal-El. If you explore this compilation, it is likely that you would feel that we do have a slight prejudice towards one of the two comic book icons, but, we are not sure either way.


20. Back To The Future

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19. Can You Hear Me Now?

18. The Great Cape Debate

17. The Last Sun Of Krypton

16. The Old Green Whistle Test

15. Objection!

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14. An Awkward Exit

13. Let It Go

12. Martha Was A Hip, Hip Lady

11. For Those About To Rock…

10. Superman Is The New Black

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9. I’ll Tumblr For Ya

8. Slap Happy

7. #NotYourShield

6. Hug It Out, Bro

5. I Hate Sand

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4. Do That Voodoo You Do So Well

3. Of Mice And (Super)Men

2. There Will Be Pain

1. Ready Player One



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