Batman Ninja Gets A Live Action Adaptation


Batman has always been a favourite. He is unique and really draws fans’ attention and adoration because of how different he stands among all the DC heroes. The DC heroes have always been idealistic, someone who we should always worship and strive but will never be like because that’s how pure they are. But Batman doesn’t feel like that, he seems closer to reality. His problems and sadness can be felt by his fans. It is because he is not idealistic but works hard to be that. He has a reasoning behind his action apart from the fact that he is good. We feel his feelings on a deeper level.

This sense of relativity is further amplified by his core world. No city in the DC universe has more character than Gotham. It is as if Gotham dictates the development and actions of everyone. This range of relativity that Batman shows makes it capable of reaching out to a variety of audience.

That’s why such a large range of adaptations has been created out of Batman. One of the latest being Batman Ninja. Though weird without the spirit of Gotham, it still works because of the familiarity we share with Batman and his friends as well as villains.

Though Batman is a huge attraction we also have other heavyweight characters such as Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood. They all team up to save feudal Japan from the hands of Gorilla Grodd. We also have classic villains such as Joker, Harley Quinn, Two Face, Poison Ivy, and more. The animated show has been so successful that it will now get a live action adaptation in the form of a play.

This 2018 series is a very unique take on the Batman series as it shows castles that would transform into giant Sentai style robots piloted by super villains, a collection of monkeys combining into a giant monkey, and Batman unleashing a ton of bats to combat the Joker.

This series will be performed in a Japanese theatre from October to December of this year, adding its name to the sea of other anime that have been adapted into live performances


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