Batman Finally Takes Revenge On Darth Vader. Here’s What Is Happening


Very recently, we just got another fan movie, and this has blown almost everyone away. Short fan films have now become a way in which fans show their love for a character, movie or a TV series. Over the past few years, we have seen some really great fan movies that made us wish that studios would make them into a silver screen project.

Now, the new fan movie is about the Batman vs. Darth Vader fight. Vader is a very popular villain in the Star Wars franchise, and most of us felt sorry for him although he was on the dark side of the force. Towards the end, he had shifted to the light side, but it was too late, and he died in his son’s arms.

Batman, on the other hand, has had a very dark past. He saw his parents die when he was very young. It was a regular night, and they had gone for a night outing. On their way back, his parents were shot dead. The trauma drove him to become Gotham’s, Dark Knight.

Now putting these two characters together is surely a cool move. In the first version, the fan movie shows us Darth Vader gaining an upper hand over the Caped Crusader, and Darth Vader was so strong that he even killed Batman.

There are a lot of Batman fans out there who feel left out in the cold by this ending and this is why they will surely find this new version a very satisfying one.

With a whole lot of help from a certain DC Comics hero, Batman has succeeded, and one cannot deny that the Han Solo nod is a

a pretty cool touch.


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