Batman Beyond To Get Another Shot According To The Star


Crisis on infinite Earths was in one word epic. Every moment was breath taking and quite honestly it had to be. It was the end of an era. We were saying goodbye to our OG vigilante and at the same time putting a close to the storyline that had been going on for quite a while. Since flash’s premier. It was a huge responsibility and one that was well done.

It had superheroes from various eras come together. We had two biggest figures ever to don the Superman suit come in the form of Brandon Routh and Tom Welling. It would have been great if Henry Cavill could get in there but seems lie he as fulfilling his duties as a Witcher.

But Superman is pretty easy to get done as far as the live action versions are concerned since there have been many good enough portrayals throughout the years. But what about Batman. The last we saw of him was in the form of Ben Affleck, but we didn’t really see much of him. We didn’t see him on his own. So his absence didn’t really hurt that much. Christian bale’s batman though not a part of the event came into the fold of the Universe in the upcoming episode of Batwoman. But the one appearance that they had for Batman which I didn’t really expect but gave me so much of happiness was of Kevin Conroy who has played Batman in various animated projects. His voice is the reason it gets so difficult to except any actor in the coveted role. He was so good in his voice portrayals. For a generation his voice was the voice of Batman. He contributed a lot to the Hero’s popularity.

And you know what he is ready for another round. He would love to team up with Will Friedle for another go about

“I don’t think people age as much vocally; I think he can still do Batman Beyond,” Conroy told “He could do Terry McGinnis as a voice job. I don’t know how young he can make his voice sound, but you know Lauren Lester, who still does Robin sometimes, is a lot older than Will Friedle, so it’s just a question of how your voice ages. I would love to work with Will again, because we worked so well together. He’s a great guy.”

Exciting isn’t it.


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