Nolan’s Methods Revealed By A Leaked Footage From Batman Begins


People can always argue which superheroes are better Marvel or Dc. In my opinion both of them have their own arguments. But if I am to dissect them then I would say that Marvel heroes are more relatable while Dc heroes are idealistic. You aspire to be like the DC heroes. Case in point being Batman and Superman. Most of us have grown up worshipping them. They are the literal incarnations of heroes for us.

Therefore it is surprising that we don’t have an iconic recreation of these roles at this point on our screens and even the ones we have as good as they are have not reached the success of Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron man.

This is more glaring in Batman than in Superman. More on TV than in Screens. The only adaptation that was widely accepted was that of Christian Bale’s in Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. Apart from that every adaptation has suffered a lot of critical and fan backlash.

Nolan’s trilogy is on a league on its own and its importance is more noticeable now than it was before because of the Way DC is struggling with its Universe on screen. The success that it has had on TV can also be dedicated to this Trilogy because it is a widely known fact that Arrow was inspired by Nolan’s universe.

Nolan’s methods had never been applied to any comic hero before. He made his movies gritty and intense. A tone now followed. But he did it with a lot of reliance on practicality as evidenced by leaked footage which shows that the gnarly Fear Gas Batman was actually present on the set and was not a CGI creation. We all know how dedicated Bale is towards his roles. But the fact that he shot with such a heavy suit is commendable.

Pattinson is confirmed to star in Reeve’s version of Batman and he himself recently got into his suit and said that it made him feel powerful.


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