100+ Axel Foley Quotes From The Beverly Hills Detective

Axel Foley best quotes

These Axel Foley quotes are from the Beverly Hills detective. There are so many Axel Foley quotes that can help you when you are tired of being in the same old rut, and all you need is a little push, a little inspiration, a smile on the face, change of mood, bring you out of the banality of life, make you laugh a little, or may even make you cry a bit, and these Axel Foley quotes exists just do that.

Axel Foley is an anecdotal character from the Beverly Hills Cop movie series. Axel Foley was conceived on August 25th in the year 1957. Axel Foley was born in Detroit, Michigan. Axel Foley went to Mumford High School and turned out to be little time adolescent gangster. Following a couple of years in which he was jobless, Axel Foley joined the Detroit Police Department in the year 1983. A skilled police officer, Axel Foley is likewise known to twist the standards, which irritates his supervisor, Inspector Todd. Axel Foley is charmed when he gets an unexpected visit from his closest companion Mikey Tandino, who lives in California. Shockingly, Mikey is before long murdered when Axel Foley was knocked in the head, by a man named Zack. Axel Foley goes to Beverly Hills, California, to discover Mikey’s attacker, since Mikey revealed to Axel Foley he had a vocation at a craftsmanship exhibition in Beverly Hills, where Beverly Hills Police Department Lieutenant Andrew Bogomil doles out Detective Billy Rosewood and Sergeant John Taggart to watch out for Axel Foley. Where he made companions with the two criminologists.

Axel Foley visits his cherished companion Jenny Summers, who works at the workmanship display. With Jenny’s assistance, Axel Foley finds that Zack works for Jenny’s manager, Victor Maitland, the man who possesses the exhibition. Maitland is a medication boss who is utilizing the exhibition as a front, and Maitland requested Zack to slaughter Mikey after Maitland blamed Mikey for taking a portion of Maitland’s bonds. Billy, Taggart, and Axel Foley head to Maitland’s manor to secure Maitland. Axel Foley and Bogomil at the same time shoot and kill Maitland. At last, he likewise earned Bogomil’s trust. Before he was going to go to Detroit, he offered to enjoy a lager with Taggart and Rosewood, despite the fact that they’re still on obligation. Taggart tells Billy, one brew won’t hurt us. Rosewood said OK, Axel Foley told the folks he realizes an extraordinary bar to get a bar. Detroit cop Axel Foley is viewing the news on TV when the journalist recounts to a story that Axel Foley’s companion, Beverly Hills Police Department Captain Andrew Bogomil, has been shot by a tall lady. Axel Foley heads out to Beverly Hills to visit Bogomil in the clinic, and this is the place Axel Foley is brought together with Bogomil’s little girl, Jan Bogomil. Axel Foley is likewise rejoined with his companions Detective Billy Rosewood and Sergeant John Taggart.

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Axel Foley famous quotes

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Axel Foley quotes


Axel Foley best quotes


Axel Foley popular quotes“Can you go get him for me, please?”

Axel Foley saying

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“How can a black man, dressed like me just walk into your bonded section without any question what so ever.”

“Well I’ve seen enough, you want something to drink? Beer or something? I got some stuff in the trunk.”

“Your not gonna fall for the banana in the tailpipe? You gotta say it like, “Look man, I ain’t falling for no banana in my tailpipe!”

“Ok everybody’s ready here ok, nobody need to take a nervous piss or nothing right? We got this? Ok? Let’s mount up.”

“Police Officer trying to catch a goddamned killer! Move it! Move it! Get the **** out of my way! I’m a cop!”

“You know you should have your tailor cut your jackets a little wider in the chest, that way your gun won’t bulge in the back.”

“I told you I was investigating a crime, and I think I’m in the right place as I’ve been here ten minutes and I’ve already been shot at.”

“We aren’t falling for the banana in the tailpipe. What the heck, man? You gotta say it like this: Hey, man.. I ain’t fallin’ for no BANANA in my TAILPIPE!”

“for the banana in the tailpipe? It should be more natural, brother. It should flow out, like this – ‘Look, man, I ain’t fallin’ for no banana in my tailpipe!’ See, that’s more natural for us. You been hanging out with this dude too long.”







“What the fuck do you think I’m trying to do here?”

“[outside the crime scene in front of Axel’s apartment building after Mike is killed] Look, I heard a rumor that you’re gonna use Rand on this case, and, between the two of us, the guy doesn’t know the time of day.”

“And you guys believe that? What the fuck are you, cops or doormen?”

“Are you security here?”

“Before I go, I just want you two to know something, alright? The supercop story… was working. Okay? It was working, and you guys just messed it up. Okay? I’m trying to figure you guys out, but I haven’t yet. But it’s cool. You fuck up a perfectly good lie.”

“Billy, you know, you don’t have to be embarrassed if your dick gets hard. Your dick is supposed to get hard. See? That’s the whole object of this. Taggart’s dick is hard, but he won’t let you know ’cause he’s the boss. Boss’ dick got to stay limp, right? See, I ain’t on duty so my dick can be hard.”

“Bleeding, sir.”

“But it’s true though.”

“Can you put this in a good spot? ‘Cause all of this shit happened the last time I parked here.”

“Cause I was mindin’ my own business. Hey, where the fuck do you guys get off on arresting somebody for getting thrown out of a window?”

“Coffee grounds.”

“Did you see that shit? I can describe all of em.”

“Disturbing the peace? I got thrown out of a window! What’s the fucking charge for getting pushed out of a moving car, huh? Jaywalking? This is bullshit!”

“Don’t you think I realize what’s going on here, miss? Who do you think I am, huh? Don’t you think I know that if I was some hotshot from out of town that pulled inside here and you guys made a reservation mistake, I’d be the first one to get a room and I’d be upstairs relaxing right now. But I’m not some hotshot from out of town, I’m a small reporter from “Rolling Stone” magazine that’s in town to do an exclusive interview with Michael Jackson that’s gonna be picked up by every major magazine in the country. I was gonna call the article “Michael Jackson Is Sitting On Top of the World,” but now I think I might as well just call it “Michael Jackson Can Sit On Top of the World Just As Long As He Doesn’t Sit in the Beverly Palm Hotel ‘Cause There’s No Niggers Allowed in There!””

“Don’t you wanna hear my side of the story?”

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“Forget about it.”

“From the Dearborn Hijacking.”

“Fuck you, man!”

“Get the fuck out of here!”

“Gimme the key! I’m gonna follow ’em!”

“Had to go to the bathroom. I was walking by. It looked like a nice clean place, so I stopped.”

“Have you ever sold one of these?”

“He’s my boss.”

“Hey man what’s hapnin’ Phil, I new dat was you, he told me that wasn’t you, said you don’t come here no more, but I said it’s Phil! That is Philip,”

“Hey Philip, gimme kiss baby! Hey”

“Hey, look, we’re talking about a friend of mine, here!”

“Hey, man, don’t square off on me with some bullshit.”

“How do you know it was a professional hit?”

“I already have three of ’em in my bag.”

“I don’t smoke Lucky Strikes.”

“I don’t think cost is the issue here, sir. I think the issue should be my blatant disregard for proper procedure.”

“I don’t think so.”

“I never been in no cell that had a phone in it. Can I stay for a while, ’cause I ordered some pizza.”

“I smoke King-Sized Kents!”

“I told you I’m on vacation. I went to the bathroom and next thing I know six guys throw out of a window.”

“I told you I’m on…”

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“I told you that’s Phil, you liar!”

“If something happens to her…”

“I’ll kill you.”

“I’m on vacation.”

“Is this the man who… wrecked the buffet at the Harrow club this morning?”

“Is this your car?”

“Is your supervisor here?”

“It’s the first time he’s left his desk in 12 years!”

“Let’s hear your side of the story.”

“Look, Boss, let me tell…”

“No, but a car is a car. I drive my car every day.”

“No, it’s just that I feel I need a little vacation, that’s all.”

“No, well, I never been on vacation before, but, in Detroit, cops are required to carry a gun at all times.”

“Oh, shit, that’s cold.”

“Phil! What’s wrong man?”

“Same crappy blue Chevy Nova.”

“Sergeant Taggart : You’re not doing anything!”

“Tell me, sir, what’s the charge?”

“Tell Victor that Ramon – -the fella he met about a week ago? – -tell him that Ramon went to the clinic today, and I found out that I have, um, herpes simplex 10, and I think Victor should go check himself out with his physician to make sure everything is fine before things start falling off on the man.”

“That’s a pretty good punch you got there, Taggart.”

“Then you’re the fucking problem! Go get your supervisor, please. Now! NOW!”

“This is the cleanest and nicest police car I’ve ever been in in my life. This thing’s nicer than my apartment.”

“Way to go, Rosewood, you’re some kinda cop, you know that!”

“Well, I can’t wait to go back there.”

“Well, look. I got some vacation time comin’ to me. I wanna take my vacation now.”

“Well, you don’t mind if I ask around a little bit, do you?”

“Whachoo doin’ with all these guns man?”

“What kind of shit is this, man? Hold up, wait a second! You guys are arresting me for getting thrown out of a fucking window? I got thrown out of a window, man!”

“What, can the guy hear me through the wall?”

“What? Y’all the second team?”

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“What’s all the hostility Phil?”

“Why, what’s with you guys?”

“Yeah, I understand, I understand the rights! I know this is bullshit, man… I got thrown out of a fucking window!”

“Yeah, I understand. Boss. The Chief ain’t chew it all out. You still got a little ass there.”

“Yeah, I’m gonna take this home and filter hot water through it and drink it in the morning.”

“Yeah, Jenny, don’t worry about me. We got cocaine and coffee here. We’re gonna get wired and have a big party.”

“Yeah, these guys are serious.”

“Yeah. I was wondering how much something like this went for.”

“You can’t go in ’cause you’re a cop in this town. You go in there without probable cause, they’re gonna call it an illegal search. You know that. Or didn’t they teach you that in cop school?”

“You changed man!”

“You know what this stuff is used for?”

“You know, I will say this, you guys are extremely polite.”

“You know, you have a very big mouth, sir! Are you hiding something from me? Is that what you’re doing? I bet you that is your Porsche that’s parked outside, isn’t it? Isn’t that your Porsche? Is it? How would you like me to have the IRS come down here and crawl up your fuckin’ ass with a microscope? ‘Cause they’ll do it! I’ve seen them do it! It’s not a pretty sight! I want you to know something, pal! And I want all of y’all to know something! I can have twenty five agents down here in fifteen minutes to march in here, snatch your bond from underneath you and you guys’ll be out of business, permanently, if I don’t get some cooperation! Is that understood?”

“You wanna start some static?”

“You’re not gonna fall for the banana in the tailpipe? It should be more natural, brother. It should flow out, like this – “Look, man, I ain’t fallin’ for no banana in my tailpipe!” See, that’s more natural for us. You been hanging out with this dude too long.”


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