25 Awesome Avengers Vs Defenders Memes Which Will Make Fans Go Crazy Laughing


If we had to do a study on how the same comic book company depicts two different sets of superheroes with a vastly different approach, then apart from the portrayal of Batman by Adam West pitted against the Christian Bale version of the character, there is not much that we can focus upon. In fact, the Marvel Studios can be the only other worthy case study as it manages the movie and cinematic universes very differently. While the Marvel Cinematic Universe is full of light, colorful costumes and targets the whole family, the Marvel’s Netflix world is dark, serious and has very few of the costumed heroes. In fact, it is not meant for anyone who is not attending high school at least.

The main premise of these two universes based on the same comic book universe are the teams of superheroes featured in them. While the Marvel Cinematic Universe revolves around The Avengers, the Marvel Netflix Universe is based on The Defenders. As is the norm, if you have two things which can be directly compared against each other, there are going to be memes highlighting that comparison. That’s why we have brought to you this curated compilation of Avengers vs. Defenders memes!

Here is the reason?

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Call The Avengers!



Yeah, The party!

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They Don’t Give a S**t!

Line Up to Join the Avengers!

Ohh Yeah!


Do Not Mess With Iron Man!

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The Initiative!



Yeah, The Cool Avengers!


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Ohh, F**k!

Naww… We’re Good!!

Together for the first time!

Hello, Alien!

Movie vs TV show

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Daredevil, the winner!

Punisher wants to punish!


First Avenger vs First Defender!

Next to impossible!!


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