Avengers To Play Dungeons And Dragons Together


Who doesn’t love the Avengers? Well Disney surely does as it gives them probably millions of dollars every year through movie, syndication and what not? But we as a fandom nave also grown to love this team who not only provides us with great and amazing stories where everything for us feels like it’s on stake. A lot of it is because of the content and characterisation of Marvel comics and at the same time the actors really have a chemistry which is so on point. These actors themselves have grown to be such family in so many ways. They have gotten tattoos together and also support each other whole heartedly.

While some of these relationships are ancient like Chris Evans and Scarlett Johannsson, while some of them actually stemmed out of this franchise only. Such as the relationship and friendships of Tom Holland with Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Pratt.

While we always get adorable moments between Robert and Tom as they both have worked in multiple projects such as their Marvel movies and Dolittle, we might get a bunch of these moments out of Pratt and Holland soon as both accompany each other in the promotional activities of their movie Onward.

One of these moments came when Holland accepted that he is trying to make a game of Dungeons and Dragons happen with Pratt and both of them have an agenda to get all the Avengers in on this game event. And if you know or play this game then you must be aware that how much of a group element gets formed within participants. If you have trouble understanding just remember The big bang theory boys or The Stranger things crew. They all use this game as a bonding tool, in other words to chillax with their friends.

I feel giddy just thinking about all the avengers being buddy-buddy seeing it would be surreal. But unfortunately that would not be the case as Holland seemed completely dis interested in live streaming the game as many stars have done before.


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