Avengers: Infinity War Writers Explain Why Thor’s Power Level Is Inconsistent


The Marvel creative team joined hands with Joe and Anthony Russo once again to create the culmination of Marvel Cinematic Universe which will finish with the Avengers, next year. Despite the writers doing a fantastic job with Avengers 3, there are still some vital questions which were raised by the movie, but, not answered by it such as the extent of Thor’s powers.

The God of Thunder appeared to be absolutely helpless in the starting sequence of Avengers: Infinity War and his being of no help while his people got slaughtered raised questions about his powers especially we had just seen in Thor: Ragnarok that he had become even mightier than Odin. Things only became worse when later he was able to bear the power of a star so that he could reactivate the forge for Eitri and help him fabricate the Stormbreaker.

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During their discussion with Collider regarding Avengers: Infinity War, Markus, and McFeely responded to some of the critical questions raised by the movie including the confusion about Thor’s powers. The duo confessed that it wasn’t an element which was given much thought during the movie’s writing, but, Markus came up with a logical explanation.

I think he’s very durable. Like I think, literally, his flesh is very hard to break. That’s why he can survive in space, that’s why he can take that thing in the star. But you can still drain him of energy; you can still knock him out, you can still hurt him. So I think it would be very hard to wreck his body, but I think, you know, he has the stamina and his stamina goes up, and his stamina goes down depending on what he’s been through.

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Hearing that, it appears as if Thor and Thanos had been fighting even before the movie started. It must be noted that when Ragnarok ended, Thor and his ship loaded with Asgardians were caught unawares when their ship was suddenly pulled into the Sanctuary II, and it didn’t give them any opportunity to plan a defense. In the time between his first fight with Thanos and his extreme battle with Hela, it is quite possible that Thor was too exhausted when Thanos came knocking.

Although the thought didn’t come up when they wrote Avengers: Infinity War, the explanation given by Markus is typical of Marvel’s strategy of giving a human feel to their characters. Thor is a God, but, he can also become exhausted like you and us. This gives him an appeal, and that’s what has been the core strength of MCU. At the same time, this also gives more meaning to his brief, but, important talk with Rocket when he mentioned the personal tragedies suffered by him. In fact, it was probably the most emotional moment for Thor in his seven years of MCU existence.

Source: Collider


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