‘Avengers: Infinity War’: Star Lord Messed Up Only Because He Should Have


In the week after Avengers: Infinity War’s release, the internet went into overdrive with reactions, theories, arguments and funny memes about the MCU blockbuster. All those who saw the movie, seem to have strong opinions related to the scenes, moments, and character behaviors in the movie, but, one particular hero who has been subjected to a great deal of anger and hatred is Star-Lord.

However, all that hatred and anger is wrongly directed. Star-Lord’s action was vital, and we will explain why and also clarify how Peter Quill did exactly what he should have done.

Spoiler Alert: There are major Avengers: Infinity War spoilers in this article. In case you haven’t yet watched the film and wish to avoid the spoilers, this is where you head away from this article.

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The reason for all this hatred and insults that Star-Lord and even the actor Chris Pratt has received on social media is the following scene. Towards the ending of the film, the Guardians of the Galaxy (minus Rocket and Groot who had accompanied Thor and Gamora), Iron-Man, Spider-Man and Doctor Strange undertake a daring mission. Mantis overpowers Thanos, and the group tries to snatch the Infinity Gauntlet away to save half of the Universe. However, Nebula appears on the scene and observes that Gamora whom Thanos had captured earlier, wasn’t there. It comes to light that Thanos had murdered Gamora to get the Soul Stone.

That’s where it all goes horribly wrong. Star-Lord loses it. Despite others around him trying to stop him, Quill pounces on Thanos in anger about what Thanos did to Gamora. His mad rage allows Thanos to break free and prevent them from stealing the Gauntlet. The timing was absolutely terrible as Spider-Man was moments away from grabbing it. Thanos attacks the heroes and easily beats them all and tries to kill Iron-Man before Doctor Strange strikes a deal with him to spare Tony and hands over the Time Stone. With only the Mind Stone left to grab, Thanos quickly departs for the earth, and soon he gets the stone, does his desired finger snap and completes his mission.

While it is easy to accuse Star-Lord of being the reason of that finger snap and a lot of fans are accusing him, we do n’t think he is at fault. To blame Quill for the deaths of billions is wrong. Quill is not an idiot. His rage might have been helpful in saving the universe, but, it appears to be different.

All this was a plan of Doctor Strange.


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Before things went wrong on Titan, there was a scene when Doctor Strange used the Time Stone to evaluate the various possible results of the battle with Thanos. Among the 14 million plus possibilities, there was only one eventuality of Thanos being defeated. This is when the group comes up with a plan, and it has to be taken into account how that order of events is crucial. Strange, who was a part of the planning team, has understood the only way that the heroes would win. It would be quite obvious that after knowing this, Strange would naturally follow the events which lead to the only possibility of Thanos being beaten. The one thing that Strange had to ensure was that the sequence of events took place exactly the way he saw in that timeline. He was aware of the fact that Quill would lose it. He knew they wouldn’t be able to steal the Infinity Gauntlet, and he also had the knowledge that Thanos must “win” to lose eventually.

You might not see the logic in that, but, it is not unprecedented, and there is it has previously been seen in the form of The Infinity Gauntlet, a six-part comic book series by Jim Starlin which greatly influenced Avengers: Infinity War. That series showed Adam Warlock let Thanos win initially as part of an overall strategy to protect the universe from the Infinity Stones and the Gauntlet. This idea gets a nod in the Infinity War’s narrative of letting the villain win at first. Before he peeked into the future, Strange was arguing with Iron-Man that if it ever came to choosing between the Time Stone and him or Spider-Man, Strange would protect the Time Stone. However, once he saw the future, Strange behaved opposite to that. He gave the Time Stone to Thanos to save Iron-Man’s life.

Not only that Doctor Strange also told Tony Stark that “it is the only way” when Thanos snapped his fingers and all around him started turning into ashes.

The truth is, Star-Lord messed nothing. Star-Lord didn’t all of a sudden behave uncharacteristically. He did exactly what he should, and Doctor Strange had based his actions on that only to unleash a chain of events which would let Thanos win and then eventually lose in the end. It was all his master-plan.

That is why Star-Lord is a true hero with a human heart!


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