100+ Avengers: Infinity War Quotes From The Marvel Action Super Stars

Avengers Infinity War saying

These Avengers: Infinity War quotes are from the marvel action super stars. There are so many Avengers: Infinity War quotes that can help you when you are tired of being in the same old rut, and all you need is a little push, a little inspiration, a smile on the face, change of mood, bring you out of the banality of life, make you laugh a little, or may even make you cry a bit, and these Avengers: Infinity War quotes exists just do that.

Avengers: Infinity War is a 2018 American superhuman film dependent on the Marvel Comics hero group the Avengers, created by Marvel Studios and appropriated by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. Avengers: Infinity War is the continuation of 2012’s The Avengers and 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, and the nineteenth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Avengers: Infinity War was coordinated by Anthony and Joe Russo, composed by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, and highlights a gathering cast including Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Benedict Cumberbatch, Don Cheadle, Tom Holland, Chadwick Boseman, Paul Bettany, Elizabeth Olsen, Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, Danai Gurira, Letitia Wright, Dave Bautista, Zoe Saldana, Josh Brolin, and Chris Pratt. In Avengers: Infinity War, the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy endeavor to prevent Thanos from gathering the almighty Infinity Stones. Avengers: Infinity War was reported in October 2014 as Avengers: Infinity War – Part 1. The Russo siblings went ahead board to coordinate in April 2015, and after a month Markus and McFeely had marked on to compose the content for Avengers: Infinity War, which draws motivation from Jim Starlin’s 1991 comic book The Infinity Gauntlet and Jonathan Hickman’s 2013 comic book Infinity. In the year 2016, Marvel abbreviated the title to Avengers: Infinity War.

Taping for Avengers: Infinity War started in January 2017 at Pinewood Atlanta Studios in Fayette County, Georgia, with a huge cast comprising for the most part of entertainers repeating their jobs from past MCU films, including Brolin as Thanos. The generation went on until July 2017, shooting consecutive with an immediate continuation, Avengers: Endgame. Extra taping occurred in Scotland, England, the Downtown Atlanta region, and New York City. With an expected spending plan of $316-400 million, Avengers: Infinity War is a standout amongst the most costly movies at any point made. Avengers: Infinity War held its reality debut on April 23, 2018, in Los Angeles and was released in the United States on April 27, 2018, in IMAX and 3D. Avengers: Infinity War got acclaim for the exhibitions of the cast – especially Chris Hemsworth and Josh Brolin – and the passionate load of the story, just as the special visualizations and activity arrangements. Avengers: Infinity War was the fourth film and the first superhuman film to net over $2 billion around the world, breaking various film industry records. Avengers: Infinity War turned into the most noteworthy netting film of 2018 and the fourth-most noteworthy earning film ever both worldwide and in the United States and Canada. Avengers: Infinity War’s special visualizations were designated at the 91st Academy Awards, 24th Critics’ Choice Awards, and 72nd British Academy Film Awards. The spin-off, Avengers: Endgame, was discharged in April 2019.

We have dug up these Avengers: Infinity War quotes from the depths of the internet and brought together best of these sayings in a single article. This post is probably the biggest database of Avengers: Infinity War Sayings in a single place. These famous Avengers: Infinity War quotes have the power to change your life by giving a novel outlook about the way you observe different aspects of your life. Hence, these popular Avengers: Infinity War quotes should be read with caution and proper understanding of the context. Here are tons of Avengers: Infinity War quotes that will open a treasure chest of Wisdom and experiences: –


Avengers Infinity War saying

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Avengers Infinity War popular quotes

“He’s never fought me twice. I’m getting a new hammer, don’t forget.”

Avengers Infinity War famous quotes

“I’m trying to say that, something is coming.”

Avengers Infinity War best quotes

“All that for a drop of blood.”

Avengers Infinity War quotes

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“Tony Stark: You’re embarrassing me in front of the wizards.”

“Bruce Banner: There’s an Ant-Man and a Spider-Man?”

“Thor: He gave you his eye?
Rocket: No, he gave me 100 credits. I snuck in his room later that night and stole his eye.
Thor: Thank you, sweet rabbit.
Rocket: Oh, I would’ve washed that. The only way I could sneak it off is up my… hey we’re here.”

“Loki: Well, for one thing, I’m not Asgardian. And for another, we have the Hulk!”

“Nick Fury: Motherfu…”

“Peter Parker: No, I’m Peter, by the way.
Dr. Strange: Dr. Strange.
Peter Parker: Oh, we’re using our made-up names. I’m Spider-Man then.”

“Kaecilius: How long have you been at Kamar-Taj, Mister…
Dr. Strange: Doctor!
Kaecilius: Mr. Doctor?
Dr. Strange: It’s Strange.
Kaecilius: Maybe. Who am I to judge?”

“Thor: Join us. Join Earth’s mightiest heroes.
Mantis: Like Kevin Bacon?
Thor: He may be on the team. I don’t know. I haven’t been there in a while.”

“Okoye: When you said you were going to open Wakanda to the rest of the world, this is not what I imagined.
T’Challa: What did you imagine?
Okoye: The Olympics, maybe even a Starbucks.”

“Okoye: Why was she up there this whole time?!”

“Ebony Maw: Hear me, and rejoice. You are about to die at the hand of the children of Thanos. Be thankful, that your meaningless lives are now contributed to the balance…
Tony Stark: I’m sorry. Earth is closed today. So pack it up, and get out of here.
Ebony Maw: Stonekeeper, does this chattering animal speak for you?
Dr. Strange: Certainly not, I speak for myself. And you’re trespassing in this city and on this planet.
Tony Stark: That means get lost, Squidward!”

“Dr. Strange: Alright, let me ask you this one time: what master do you serve?
Peter Quill: “What master do I serve?” What am I supposed to say? Jesus?”

“Eitri: You’re about to take the full force of a star. It’ll kill you.
Thor: Only if I die.
Eitri: Yes…that’s what “kill you” means.”

“Thor: Families can be tough. Before my father died, he told me I had a half-sister that he imprisoned in hell. Then she returned home and stabbed me in the eye. So I had to kill her. I feel your pain.
Peter Quill: I feel your pain as well. I know this is not a competition, but I’ve been through a lot. My father killed my mother. Then I had to kill my father. That was hard. Probably even harder than having to kill a sister. At least I came out with both my eyes.”

“Thor: Oh, by the way, this is a friend of mine. Tree.
Groot: I am Groot!
Steve Rogers: I am Steve Rogers.”

“Peter Quill: I’m gonna ask you this one time, where is Gamora?
Tony Stark: Yeah, I’ll do you one better – WHO is Gamora?
Drax: I’ll do YOU one better! WHY is Gamora?”

“Let’s talk about this plan of yours. I think it’s good, except it sucks. So let me do the plan and that way it might be really good.” Peter Quill

“Don’t forget, I’m half-human. So that fifty percent of me that’s stupid, that’s a hundred percent you.” – Peter Quill

“The hardest choices require the strongest wills.” – Thanos

“We’re in the endgame now.” – Dr. Stephen Strange

“Thanos: I know what it’s like to lose. To feel so desperately that you’re right, yet to fail nonetheless. As lightning turns the legs to jelly. I ask you to what end? Dread it, run from it, destiny arrives all the same. And now, it’s here. Or should I say, I am.”
Thor: You talk too much.”

“Thor: We don’t have the Tesseract. It was destroyed on Asgard.
[Loki makes the Tesseract appear in his hand and offers it to Thanos]
Thor: You really are the worst, brother.
Loki: I assure you, brother. The sun will shine on us again.
Thanos: Your optimism is misplaced, Asgardian.
Loki: Well, for one thing, I’m not Asgardian. And for another, we have a Hulk.
[Hulk starts attacking Thanos, Obsidian goes to intervene but Maw stops him]
Ebony Maw: Let him have his fun.”

“Loki: If I might, interject, if you’re going to Earth, you might want a guide. I do have a bit of experience in that arena.
Thanos: Well, if you consider failure experience.
Loki: I consider experience, experience.”

“[as he’s being chocked by Thanos]
Loki: You will never be a God!
[Thanos finally chokes Loki to death]
Thanos: No resurrections this time. ”

“Dr. Stephen Strange: Seriously? You don’t have any money?
Wong: Attachment to the material is detachment from the spiritual.
Dr. Stephen Strange: I’ll tell the guys at the deli. Maybe they’ll make you a metaphysical Ham and Rye.
Wong: Wait, wait. I think I have two hundred.
Dr. Stephen Strange: Dollars?
Wong: Rupees.
Dr. Stephen Strange: Which is?
Wong: Uh, a buck and a half.
Dr. Stephen Strange: What do you want?
Wong: I wouldn’t say no to a Tuna Melt.”

“Tony Stark: Tell me his name again.
Bruce Banner: Thanos. He’s a plague, Tony. He invades planets. He takes what he wants. He wipes out half the population. He sent Loki. The attack on New York. That’s him.
Tony Stark: This is him. What’s our time line?
Bruce Banner: No telling. He has the Power and Space Stones, that only makes him the strongest creature in the whole Universe. If he gets his hands, on all six Stones, Tony…
Dr. Stephen Strange: He can destroy life on a scale of hitherto undreamt of.
Tony Stark: Did you seriously just say “hitherto undreamt of”?
Dr. Stephen Strange: Are you seriously leaning on the Cauldron of the Cosmos?
Tony Stark: Is that what that is?
[Strange’s cloak smacks Tony’s hand off the cauldron]
Tony Stark: I’m going to allow that.”

“Dr. Stephen Strange: We swore an oath to protect the Time Stone with our lives.
Tony Stark: And I swore off dairy, but Ben & Jerry’s named a flavor after me, so…
Dr. Stephen Strange: Stark Raving Hazelnuts.
Tony Stark: It’s not bad.
Dr. Stephen Strange: A bit chalky.”

“Tony Stark: God, we haven’t caught up in a spell, have we?
Bruce Banner: No.
Tony Stark: The Avengers broke up. We’re toast.
Bruce Banner: Broke up? Like a band? Like the Beatles?”

“Ned: We’re all going to die! There’s a spaceship!
[we see Stan Lee as the school bus driver]
Bus Driver: What’s the matter with you kids? You never seen a spaceship before?”

“Ebony Maw: Hear me, and rejoice! You are about to die at the hands of the Children of Thanos. Be thankful, that your meaningless lives are now contributing to…
Tony Stark: I’m sorry, Earth is closed today. So pack it up and get out of here.
Ebony Maw: Stone keeper, does this chattering animal speak for you?
Dr. Stephen Strange: Certainly not. I speak for myself.”

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“Peter Quill: Alright, Guardians. Don’t forget, this might be dangerous, so let’s put on our mean faces.
[Groot is playing a game on his tablet]
Peter Quill: Groot, put that thing away, now. I don’t want to tell you again.
[Groot just smirks and continues to play]
Peter Quill: Groot!
[in a snarky teenage voice]
Teenage Groot: I am Groot.
Peter Quill: Woh!
Rocket: Woh, language!”

“[as the Guardians bring an unconscious Thor aboard their ship]
Peter Quill: How the hell is this dude still alive?
Drax: He’s not a dude. You’re a dude. This, this is a man. A handsome, muscular man.
Peter Quill: I’m muscular.
Rocket: Who are you kidding, Quill? You’re one sandwich away from fat.
Peter Quill: Yeah, right. What?
Drax: It’s true. You have little weight…
[Drax points to his chin and stomach]
Peter Quill: Gamora, do you think I’m…
[Gamora is transfixed by Thor]
Mantis: He is anxious. Angry. He feels tremendous loss and guilt.
Drax: It’s like a pirate had a baby with an angel.
Peter Quill: Wow. This is a real wake-up call for me. Okay. I’m going to get a Bowflex. I’m going to commit. I’m going to get some dumbbells.
Rocket: You know you can’t eat dumbbells, right?
[touching Thor’s muscular arm]
Gamora: It’s like his muscles are made of Cotati metal fiber.
Peter Quill: Stop massaging his muscles.”

“[upon seeing the Guardians]
Thor: Who the hell are you guys?”

“Gamora: The entire time I knew Thanos, he only ever had one goal, to bring balance to the Universe by wiping out half of all life. He used to kill people planet by planet, massacre by massacre.
Drax: Including my own.
Gamora: If he gets all six Infinity Stones, he can do it with the snap of his fingers, like this.”
[snaps her fingers]

“Thor: You seem to know a great deal about Thanos.
Drax: Gamora is the daughter of Thanos.
Thor: Your father killed my brother.
Peter Quill: Oh, boy. Stepfather. Technically, she hates him as much as you do.
Thor: Families can be tough. Look, before my father died, he told me I had a half-sister that he imprisoned in Hell. Then she returned home, and stabbed me in the eye, so I had to kill her. It’s life, there was nothing else, and I feel your pain.
Peter Quill: I feel your pain, as well. I mean it’s not a competition, but I’ve been through a lot. My father killed my mother, then I had to kill my father. And that was hard. Probably even harder than having to kill a sister. Plus, I came out with both of my eyes.
[looking at his spoon]
Thor: I need a hammer, not a spoon.”

“Rocket: What are you doing?
Thor: Taking your pod.
[deepens his voice]
Peter Quill: No, you’re not! You’ll not be taking our pod today, sir.
Rocket: Uh, Quill. Are you making your voice deeper?
Peter Quill: No.
Drax: You are. You’re imitating the god-man. It’s weird.
Peter Quill: No, I’m not.
Mantis: He just did it again!
Peter Quill: This is my voice!
Thor: Are you mocking me?
Peter Quill: Are you mocking me?
Thor: You just did it again.
Peter Quill: He’s trying to copy me.
Gamora: Enough!
Thor: He was doing it first.
Gamora: We need to stop Thanos.”

“Thor: There’s six stones out there. Thanos already has the Power Stone because he stole it last week, when he decimated Xandar. He stole the Space Stone from me, when he destroyed my ship and slaughtered half my people. The Time and Mind Stones are safe on Earth. They’re with the Avengers.
Peter Quill: The Avengers?
Thor: They’re Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.
Mantis: Like Kevin Bacon?
Thor: He may be on the team. I don’t know. Haven’t been there in a while. As for the Soul Stone,no one’s ever seen that. No one even knows where it is. Therefore, Thanos can’t get it. Therefore, he’s going to Knowhere. Hence, he’ll be getting the Reality Stone. You’re welcome.”

“Gamora: Then we have to go to Knowhere now.
Thor: Wrong. Where we have to go, is Nivadellir.
Drax: All words are made up.
Thor: Oh, what’s made up?
Rocket: Nidavellir is real? Seriously? I mean, that place is a legend. They make the most powerful, horrific weapons to ever torment the Universe. I would very much like to go there, please.
Thor: The rabbit is correct, and clearly the smartest one.
Rocket: Rabbit?
Thor: Only Eitri the dwarf king can make me the weapon I need.”

“Thor: I assume you’re the captain, sir?
Rocket: You’re very perceptive.
Thor: You seem like a noble leader. Will you join me on my quest to Nivadellir?
Rocket: Let me just ask the captain. Oh, wait a second, it’s me! Yeah, I’ll go.
Thor: Wonderful.
Peter Quill: Uh, except that I’m the captain.
Rocket: Quiet!
Peter Quill: And that’s my backpack.
Rocket: Quill, sit down.
Peter Quill: Look, this is my ship. And I’m not going to… Wait, what kind of weapon are we talking about here?
Thor: The Thanos killing kind.
Peter Quill: Don’t you think that we should all have a weapon like that?
Thor: No. You simply lack the strength to wield them. Your bodies will crumble as you minds collapse to the madness.
Rocket: Is it weird that I want to do it even more now?
Thor: A little bit. Yeah.”

“[flashback to when Thanos is destroying Gamora’s planet]
Thanos: What’s wrong, little one?
Young Gamora: My mother. Where is my mother?
Thanos: What’s your name?
Young Gamora: Gamora.
Thanos: You’re quite the fighter, Gamora. Come. Let me help you. Look.
[he shows her a small double-edged knife]
Thanos: Pretty, isn’t it? Perfectly balanced. As all things should be. Too much to one side, or the other. Here. You try.”

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“Gamora: I need to ask a favor.
Peter Quill: Yeah, sure.
Gamora: One way or another, the path that we’re on leads to Thanos.
Peter Quill: Which is what the grenades are for. I’m sorry. What’s the favor?
Gamora: If things go wrong, if Thanos gets me, I want you to promise me you’ll kill me.
Peter Quill: What?
Gamora: I know something he doesn’t. If he finds it out, the entire Universe could be at risk.
Peter Quill: What do you know?
Gamora: If I tell you, you’d know, too.
Peter Quill: If it’s so important, shouldn’t I?
Gamora: Only if you want to die.
Peter Quill: Why does somebody always have to die in this scenario?
Gamora: Just trust me. And possibly, kill me.
Peter Quill: I mean, I’d like to. I really would…
Gamora: Swear to me. Swear to me on your mother.
[Peter becomes serious]
Peter Quill: Okay. Okay.
[Gamora kisses Peter]”

“[as Peter and Gamora are kissing they hear a crackling noise, they look over to see Drax watching them]
Peter Quill: Dude! How long have you been standing there?
Drax: An hour.
Peter Quill: An hour?
Gamora: Are you serious?
Drax: I’ve mastered the ability of standing so incredibly still that I’ve become invisible to the eye. Watch.
[he slowly raises his hand to pop a nut into his mouth]
Peter Quill: You’re eating a zark nut.
Drax: But my movement is so slow that it’s imperceptible.
Peter Quill: No.
Drax: I’m sure I’m invisible.
Mantis: Hi, Drax.
Drax: Damn it.”

“Peter Quill: Let her go, Grimace!
Gamora: Peter.
Peter Quill: I told you to go right.
Gamora: Now, really?
Peter Quill: You let her go!
Thanos: Ah, the boyfriend.
Peter Quill: I like to think of myself more as a Titan-killing long-term booty call. Let her go.
Gamora: Peter.
Peter Quill: Or I’m going to blow that nut-sack of a chin right off your face!
Thanos: Not him.
[realizing what Gamora had made him promise earlier]
Gamora: You promised! You promised!
Thanos: Oh, daughter. You expect too much from him. She’s asked, hasn’t she?
Peter Quill: I told you to go right!
Gamora: I love you, more than anything.
Peter Quill: I love you, too.
[as Peter goes to Kill Gamora, bubbles shoot out of his weapon]”

“Tony Stark: This is a one-way ticket. Do you hear me? Don’t pretend you thought this through.
Peter Parker: I did think this through. You can’t be a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man if there’s no neighborhood. Okay, that didn’t make sense but you know what I’m trying to say.”

“Bruce Banner: We need all hands on deck. Where’s Clint?
Steve Rogers: After the whole Accords situation, he and Scott took a deal. It was too tough on their families, they’re on house arrest.
Bruce Banner: Who’s Scott?
Steve Rogers: Ant-Man.
Bruce Banner: There’s an Ant-Man and a Spider-Man?”

“[referring to Strange]
Tony Stark: See him down there? He’s in trouble. What’s your plan? Go.
Peter Parker: Um. Okay, okay. Uh … Okay. Did you ever see this really old movie Aliens?”

“[referring to Strange being tortured]
Ebony Maw: Painful, aren’t they? They were originally designed for microsurgery. And any one of them could end your friend’s life in an instant.
Tony Stark: I got to tell you, he’s not really my friend. Saving his life is more of a professional courtesy.
Ebony Maw: You’ll save nothing. Your powers are inconsequential compared to mine.
Tony Stark: Yeah, but the kid’s seen more movies.
[Peter throws Ebony Maw into space]”

“Peter Parker: I’m Peter, by the way.
Dr. Stephen Strange: Dr. Strange.
[they shake hands]
Peter Parker: Oh. We’re using our made-up names. Then I am Spider-Man.”

“[he knights Peter using his hands]
Tony Stark: Alright, kid. You’re an Avenger now.”

“Gamora: You’re insane.
Thanos: Little one, it’s a simple calculus. This universe is finite. Its resources, finite. If life is left unchecked, life will cease to exist. It needs correction.
Gamora: You don’t know that!
Thanos: I’m the only one who knows that. At least, I’m the only one with the will to act on it. For a time you had that same will, as you fought by my side, daughter.
Gamora: I’m not your daughter. Everything I hated about myself, you taught me.
Thanos: And in doing so, made you the fiercest woman in the galaxy. It’s why I trusted you to find the Soul Stone.
Gamora: I’m sorry I disappointed you.
Thanos: I am disappointed. But not because you didn’t find it. But because you did, and you lied.”

“[after torturing Nebula and accessing her memory file to find out that Gamora has confessed to burning the map to the Soul Stone]
Thanos: You’re strong. Me… You’re generous. Me… But I never taught you to lie. That’s why you’re so bad at it. Where is the Soul Stone?
[he starts torturing Nebula again, which finally breaks Gamora to break and confess]
Gamora: Vormir. The stone is on Vormir.
Thanos: Show me.”

“Groot: I am Groot!
Thor: You can pour what’s in the cup out in space then go in the cup again.
Rocket: You speak Groot?
Thor: Yes, they taught it on Asgard. It was an elective.
Groot: I am Groot.
Thor: You’ll know when we’re close.”

“Rocket: Okay. Time to be the captain. So dead brother, huh? Yeah, that could be annoying.
Thor: Well, he’s been dead before. Now this time, I think it really might be true.
Rocket: And you said your sister and your dad…
Thor: Both dead.
Rocket: But still got a mom, though?
Thor: Killed by a Dark Elf.
Rocket: A best friend?
Thor: Stabbed through the heart.
Rocket: You sure you’re up to this particular mono mission?
Thor: Absolutely! The rage and vengeance, anger, loss, regret, they’re all tremendous motivators. They really clear the mind, so I’m good to go.
Rocket: Yeah, but this Thanos we’re talking about, he’s the toughest there is.
Thor: Well, he’s never fought me.
Rocket: Yeah, he has.
Thor: “He’s never fought me twice. I’m getting a new hammer, don’t forget.”
Rocket: Well, it better be some hammer.”

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“Thor: You know, I’m fifteen hundred years old. I’ve killed twice as many enemies as that, and every one of them would’ve rather killed me, but none succeeded. I’m only alive because fate wants me alive. Thanos is just the latest in a long line of bastards, and he will be the latest to feel my vengeance. Fate wills it so.
Rocket: Mm-hmm. And what if you’re wrong?
Thor: Well, if I’m wrong, then what more could I lose?
Rocket: Well I could lose a lot. Me personally, I could lose a lot.”

“Rocket: Well, if fate does want you to kill that crapsack, you’re going to need more than one stupid eyeball.
[he gives Thor an eyeball]
Thor: What’s this?
Rocket: What’s it look like? Some jerk lost a bet with me in Contraxia.
Thor: He gave you his eye?
Rocket: No, he gave me a hundred credits. I snuck into his room later that night and stole his eye.
Thor: Thank you, sweet rabbit.
[Thor puts the eyeball into his empty eye socket]
Rocket: Ooh. I would’ve washed that. The only way I could sneak it off Contraxia was on my…
[just then a beep goes off]
Rocket: Hey, we’re here.”

“Peter Parker: Let me just say, if aliens wind up implanting eggs in my chest or something, and I eat one of you, I’m sorry.
Tony Stark: I don’t want another single, pop-culture reference out of you for the rest of the trip. Understand?
Peter Parker: “I’m trying to say that, something is coming.”

“[as he’s trying to fight off Strange’s cloak]
Drax: Die, Blanket of Death!”

“Peter Quill: Everybody stay where you are, chill the F out! I’m going to ask you this one time, where is Gamora?
Tony Stark: Yeah, I’ll do you one better. Who’s Gamora?
Dax: I’ll do you one better! Why is Gamora?”

“Dr. Stephen Strange: Let me ask you this one time, what master do you serve?
Peter Quill: What master do I serve? What, am I supposed to say Jesus?
Tony Stark: You’re from Earth.
Peter Quill: Not from Earth. I’m from Missouri.
Tony Stark: Yeah, that’s on Earth, dipshit. What are you hassling us for?
Peter Parker: So you’re not with Thanos?
Peter Quill: With Thanos? No! I’m here to kill Thanos. He took my girl. Wait, who are you?
Peter Parker: We’re the Avengers, man.
Mantis: You’re the ones Thor told us about.
Tony Stark: You know Thor?
Peter Quill: Yeah. Tall guy, not that good-looking. He needed saving.
Dr. Stephen Strange: Where is he now?”

“Tony Stark: Yeah, we got one advantage. He’s coming to us. We’ll use it. Alright, I have a plan. It’s pretty simple. We draw him in, pin him down, get what we need. We definitely don’t want to dance with this guy, we just want the gauntlet.
[to Drax]
Tony Stark: Are you yawning? In the middle of this, while I’m breaking it down? Did you hear what I said?
Drax: I stopped listening after you said that we need a plan.

“Peter Parker: What exactly is it that they do?
Mantis: Kick names, take ass.”

“Tony Stark: Mr. Lord, can you get your folks to circle up?
Peter Quill: Mr. Lord. Star-Lord is fine.
Tony Stark: We’ve got to coalesce. Because if all we come at him with is a plucky attitude…
Peter Quill: Dude, don’t call us plucky. We don’t know what it means. Alright, we’re optimistic, yes. I like your plan, except it sucks. So let me do the plan, and that way, it might be really good.
Drax: Tell him about the dance-off to save the Universe.
Tony Stark: What dance-off?
Peter Quill: It’s not a, it’s not a, it’s not…
Peter Parker: Like in Footloose? The movie?
Peter Quill: Exactly like Footloose. Is it still the greatest movie in history?
Peter Parker: It never was.”

“Tony Stark: We’re getting no help with Flash Gordon.
Peter Quill: Flash Gordon? By the way, that’s a compliment. Don’t forget, I’m half-human. So that fifty percent of me that’s stupid, that’s a hundred percent you.
Tony Stark: Your math is blowing my mind.”

“Mantis: Excuse me, but does your friend often do that?
Tony Stark: Strange! You alright?
[we see Strange floating mid-air, floating cross-legged in meditation pose, with his head snapping all over the place]
Tony Stark: You’re back. You’re alright.
Peter Parker: Hey, what was that?
Dr. Stephen Strange: I went forward in time, to view alternate futures, to see all the possible outcomes of the coming conflict.
Peter Quill: How many did you see?
Dr. Stephen Strange: Fourteen million six hundred and five.
Tony Stark: How many did we win?
Dr. Stephen Strange: One.”

“Red Skull: Welcome, Thanos, son of Eros. Gamora, daughter of Thanos.
Thanos: You know us?
Red Skull: It is my curse to know all who journey here.
Thanos: Where is the Soul Stone?
Red Skull: You should know, it extracts a terrible price.
Thanos: I am prepared.
Red Skull: We all think that at first. We are all wrong.”

“Thanos: How is it you know this place so well?
Red Skull: A lifetime ago, I too sought the stones. I even held one in my hand. But it cast me out, banished me here, guiding others to a treasure I cannot possess.”

“Red Skull: What you seek lies in front of you. As does what you fear.
Gamora: What’s this?
Red Skull: The price. Soul holds a special place among the Infinity Stones. You might say it is a certain wisdom.
Thanos: Tell me what it needs.
Red Skull: To ensure whoever possesses it, understands its power, the Stone demands a sacrifice.
Thanos: Of what?
Red Skull: In order to take the Stone you must lose that which you love. A soul, for a soul.
Gamora: All my life, I dreamed of a day, a moment, when you got what you deserved. And I was always so disappointed. But, now… You kill, and torture, and you call it mercy. The Universe has judged you. You asked it for a prize and it told you, no. You failed. And do you want to know why? Because you love nothing. No one.
[Thanos turns and Gamora sees tears in his eyes]
Gamora: Really? Tears?
Red Skull: They’re not for him.
Gamora: No. This isn’t love.
Thanos: I ignored my destiny once. I cannot do that again. Even for you.
[Gamora tries to kill herself with the double-edged knife Thanos had given her, but it turns into bubbles]
Thanos: I’m sorry, little one.
Gamora: No!
[Thanos drags her to the edge of the cliff and throws her off, killing her]”

“Okoye: When you said you were going to open Wakanda to the rest of the world, this is not what I imagined.
T’Challa: What did you imagine?
Okoye: The Olympics, maybe even a Starbucks.”

“T’Challa: Evacuate the city. Engage all defenses, and get this man a shield.
[he points to Steve]”

“Thor: All Fathers, give me strength.
Eitri: Do you understand, boy? You’re about to take the full force of a star. It’ll kill you.
Thor: Only if I die.
Eitri: Yes, that’s what killing you means.”

“Thanos: Titan was like most planets. Too many mouths, not enough to go around. And when we faced extinction, I offered a solution.
Dr. Stephen Strange: Genocide?
Thanos: At random. Dispassionate, fair. The rich and poor alike. And they called me a madman. And what I predicted, came to pass.
Dr. Stephen Strange: Congratulations. You’re a prophet.
Thanos: I’m a survivor.
Dr. Stephen Strange: Who wants to murder trillions.
Thanos: With all six Stones, I could simply snap my fingers. They would all cease to exist. I call that mercy.
Dr. Stephen Strange: And then what?
Thanos: I finally rest, and watch the sun rise on a grateful universe. The hardest choices require the strongest wills.
Dr. Stephen Strange: I think you’ll find our will equal to yours.”

“Rocket: How much for the gun?
Bucky Barnes: Not for sale.
Rocket: Okay, how much for the arm?
Bucky Barnes: Oh, I’ll get that arm.”

“[upon seeing Steve]
Thor: New haircut? I notice you’ve copied my beard. Oh, by the way, this is a friend of mine. A tree.
Groot: I am Groot.
Steve Rogers: I am Steve Rogers.”

“[to Wanda; referring to Vision]
Proxima Midnight: He’ll die alone. As will you.
Natasha Romanoff: She’s not alone.

“Tony Stark: You throw another moon at me, and I’m going to lose it.
Thanos: Stark.
Tony Stark: You know me?
Thanos: I do. You’re not the only one cursed with knowledge.
Tony Stark: My only curse is you.”

“Thanos: You have my respect, Stark. When I’m done, half of humanity will still be alive. I hope they remember you.
[as he’s about to kill Tony]
Dr. Stephen Strange: Stop! Spare his life, and I will give you the Stone.
Thanos: No tricks.
[Strange shakes his head]
Tony Stark: Don’t!
[Strange makes the stone appear and gives it to Thanos]
Thanos: One to go.”

“[after Strange gives Thanos the Time Stone in order to save Tony’s life]
Tony Stark: Why did you do that?
Dr. Stephen Strange: We’re in the endgame now.”

“Vision: Wanda. It’s time.
Wanda Maximoff: No.
Vision: They can’t stop him, Wanda. But we can. Look at me. You have the power to destroy the stone.
Wanda Maximoff: Don’t.
Vision: You must stop it, Wanda. Please. We are out of time.
Wanda Maximoff: I can’t.
Vision: Yes, you can. You can. If he gets this stone, half the Universe dies. It’s not fair. It shouldn’t be you, but it is. It’s alright. You could never hurt me. I just feel you. I love you.
[Wanda starts to use her power to kill Vision]”

“[after Wanda has killed vision]
Thanos: I understand, my child. Better than anyone.
Wanda Maximoff: You could never.
Thanos: Today, I lost more than you can know. But now is no time to mourn. Now is no time at all.”

“[to Thor as he’s tried to kill Thanos with a blow to the chest]
Thanos: You should have gone for the head.”

“Thanos: Daughter.
Young Gamora: Did you do it?
Thanos: Yes.
Young Gamora: What did it cost?
Thanos: Everything.”

“[as Tony watches Strange being disintegrated]
Dr. Stephen Strange: Tony. There was no other way.”

“Peter Parker: Mr. Stark? I don’t feel so good
Tony Stark: You’re alright.
[Peter starts disintegrating]
Peter Parker: I don’t, I don’t know what’s happening. I don’t want to go. I don’t want to go. Mr. Stark, please. Please. I don’t want to go. I don’t want to go. I’m sorry.
[Tony watches as Peter gets disintegrated]”

“[post credit scene]
Nick Fury: Still no word from Stark?
Maria Hill: No, not yet. We’re watching every satellite in both hemispheres, there’s still no sight.
Nick Fury: What is it?
Maria Hill: Multiple bogets over wakanda.
Nick Fury: Same energy signatures as New York?
Maria Hill: Ten times bigger.
Nick Fury: Call Clint. We’ll meet him…
[suddenly a car crashes into them; Hill goes over to check on the driver of the car, but sees no one in there]
Nick Fury: Are they okay?
Maria Hill: There’s no one here.
[suddenly a helicopter crashes into a building]
Nick Fury: Call Control. Code RED.
Maria Hill: Nick.
[Nick turns and see Hill disintegrate]
Nick Fury: Hill!
[Nick rushes off to their car, he gets a pager and as he starts to transmit a distress signal he starts to disintegrate]
Nick Fury: Oh, no. Motherf…
[as Nick disintegrates the pager falls to the ground, we see the device display a red-and-blue star insignia, Captain Marvel’s sign]”


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