20 Dumbest Things The Avengers Did In Infinity War


Little over ten years ago, Marvel Studios announced the big-screen arrival of Iron-Man, a superhero who was almost unknown to anyone outside the United States and even domestically, he was not exactly a top bracket superhero. However, great filmmaking backed by an amazing performance by Robert Downey Jr. ensured that the film was noticed by one and all, made money on the box office and went on to kickstart Marvel Cinematic Universe. Move to the present time, and everyone was eagerly waiting for Avengers: Infinity War to come and start the culmination of the ten years of story building that had started with the above-mentioned Robert Downey Jr. film.

The hype was unimaginable before the film’s release, but, Avengers: Infinity War lived up to it. The film took a decade in the making and was the grand melting point of 18 films, dozens of fantastic characters, and some of the best narratives seen in the superhero genre. During the last ten years, most of the geeks who were hidden behind the high school textbooks, suddenly came out waving the nerdy flags proudly and wearing the Iron Man, Hulk and Captain America shirts, talking about the benefits of superpowers against super gadgets with those who had never even read the comic books. To sum things up, it is incredible.

Although it is well known that Thanos had no option, but, to win so that the story could move forward, and it was also clear that such a development would be heart-breaking for us, but, the baffling mistakes made by the heroes had us stunned. They let us down as they kept making a series of mistakes, and it proves that despite all their powers, they are as human as any of us. Although that makes Marvel appealing, it wasn’t easy to bear. Some of us screamed in anger while others simply couldn’t bear it.

Get ready for a barrage of spoilers in this compilation of 20 Dumbest Things The Avengers Did In Avengers: Infinity War.

1. Spider-Man taking a ride to space

2. Doctor Strange Couldn’t Teleport

3. Hulk hid behind Bruce Banner

4. Loki’s frontal attack on Thanos

5. Gamora’s knowledge of the Soul Stone

6. Where were the Wakandan rhinos

7. Mantis’ revelation of Gamora’s fate to Star-Lord

8. Not protecting Nidavelir or preventing the creation of the Gauntlet

9. Gamora expecting Star-Lord to kill her

10. Thor not aiming at Thanos’ hand

11. The Guardians searching for the Infinity Stone

12. Under-utilizing Scarlet Witch

13. Gamora getting close to the Mad Titan

14. Choosing to protect Vision more than the universe

15. Star-Lord ruining the whole thing

16. The feebleness of Doctor Strange

17. Why Thor and Loki didn’t use the Tesseract

18. Going to Titan to fight Thanos

19. Not stopping Thanos before he got hold of so many Stones

20. Meaningless team squabbles


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