6 Funniest Moments In Avengers: Infinity War That Will Make You Laugh Uncontrollably


Humor is a huge part of the MCU, and there is a whole lot of it spread in Avengers: Infinity War. Before the film had released, the Russo Brothers had said that it had a lot of jokes and this made many fans worried. There is so much darkness in Infinity War that many of us forgot that there were a lot of funny scenes.

Spoilers for Infinity War ahead…

The Guardians of the Galaxy with Thor: Ragnarok had put a focus on comedy which the MCU had not seen before. James Gunn brought the Guardians with a focus on music and comedy to a few messed up characters who had traumatic experiences.

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TaikaWaititi’s Thor: Ragnarok had taken Chris Hemsworth’s Thor character and then reinvented him. The serious version of this character was replaced by a more wisecracking hero. This led to a lot of funny moments.

It is natural that when the Guardians of the Galaxy meet Thor in Infinity War, some hilarious moments were bound to take place. The same is true for anytime Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey Jr. had scenes together.

Here are a few hilarious moments in the Infinity War movie:

Rocket Raccoon giving Thor an eye.

Nick Fury post-credit scene.

Bruce Banner trying the Hulkbuster suit for the first time.

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Anytime Tony Stark and Doctor Strange are in the same scene.

Rocket Raccoon and Bucky fighting together.

The Guardians of the Galaxy meeting Thor.


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