Avengers: Infinity War – Directors Reveal The Final Locatin Of Thanos.


Thanos landed on Earth to get the Infinity Stones so that he could kill half of all living beings in the universe and restore balance and harmony. He wanted to play the God’s role because others weren’t keen to do the job of keeping control on life’s growth and ensuring it didn’t destroy the universal resources. He did what he wanted to do. One finger snap with the Infinity Gauntlet and Thanos completed the genocide.

It is an unparalleled mass killing. But, where did he go after finishing his task? The film didn’t give any clear answers. However, now the movie’s directors, Joe and Anthony Russo answered the question: Where did Thanos go after Avengers: Infinity War?

The film is a fast-paced thriller replete with action and, from start to finish; it lived up to the hype. Since Marvel films are usually not identical to the comic books, Infinity War was no different. However, it had some top quality action and the funny banter between the various leading MCU heroes. It all was meaningless eventually as Thanos won the battle despite the heroes traveling across the galactic spaces to stop him. Thor hurt him, but, he snapped his fingers and escaped. So where did you go?

If you think you know, then we assure you that you don’t.

A lot of fans remain confused about Thanos’ location after Infinity War. He was finally at peace. The fate that his home planet of Titan suffered was not going to impact the future of the universe. However, he disappeared after completing his deed. The film showed a few glimpses of his location, but, gave no address. Finally, the Russo Brothers spoke up about the subject.

 “He’s like a holy warrior,” Anthony told Uproxx. “Once he puts his armor down in that movie he becomes like a holy warrior, and this is his resting place for him. He says in the film he’s just going to sit and watch the sunrise.”

“He accomplished his mission,” adds Joe.

There are theories about Thanos now residing inside the Soul Stone. Russo brothers rejected that claim.

 “Look, if you look at Thanos throughout the movie, what’s noble about the character is it’s not about ego for him,” Anthony said about the Mad Titan’s ultimate goal. “He believes that creatures and beings are suffering because of this. So he believes the road for the right way to peace and balance is through eradicating half of all life. And he believes that will bring balance and new life and peacefulness and joy to people – and he dedicates himself to that mission. His choices are remarkably focused on that. He’s not killing people he doesn’t need to kill. He only kills people in furtherance of that goal.”

The interesting thing is that Thanos is probably having second thoughts. He is doubting his own actions. Was the sacrifice he made, worth the outcome? Was there a better way of doing it? Was there another way to make everyone happy without committing mass murder? These questions will haunt Thanos until Avengers 4 answers them.


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