21 Behind-The-Scenes Images From Avengers: Infinity War Which Will Change The Perception Of The Movies


Superhero films are such a rage right now that it is becoming a common perception that they are easy to make. You might also have harbored such thoughts given there are like dozens of superhero movies being made simultaneously these days. The Marvel Cinematic Universe itself releases three movies each year starting from 2017, and the future might see the frequency increase. However, these films are anything, but, easy to make even if it feels so. There is a great deal of time and effort is needed to recreate the comic book panels into a live-action format on screen. There are long hours of motion capture needed to convert into computer graphics and then turn it into the vision of the character required.

We are fans and not actors, so we have never been on the mega movie sets, and probably have no idea how the filming of these movies takes place. However, we now have the knowledge about the overall look thanks to various leaked/officially released set images. While these images might occasionally turn out to be spoilers, but, they help in highlighting the effort put in by all concerned to create a favorite blockbuster film. They also depict the funny situations that the actors are at times needed to be in. The thing is, even though they might look amazing in the movie, but, behind-the-scenes, they can turn out to be the most crazy and clumsy looking among the cast and crew on set.

Keeping that thought going, we present to you these behind the scenes photos which will alter the way you imagine the movies from MCU to be.

21. The True Iron Spider Suit

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20. Iron Men In Shorts

19. The Real Raccoon

18. The Strongest Avengers


17. The Fabulous Archer

16. Love For Dad

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15. As Close As Family

14. Rollin’ With Brolin

13. Up In The Air

12. Getting Into Character

11. Behind The Scenes Bromance

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10. Director Shenanigans

9. Strongest Avenger In Real Life

8. The Real Heroes

7. The Co-Stars That Train Together…

6. Applying The Arc Reactor

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5. The Puny Hulk

4. Good Food, Good People

3. Shave It Off

2. Thor’s Revenge!

1. Hawkeye’s Big Swerve


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