This Is How Avengers Defeated Thanos In Animated Show And It Was Beautiful (Video)


Massive Spoilers ahead for everybody who has not seen the movie yet!

Infinity War gave us a massive cliffhanger that none of us had expected, we knew that many Avengers were going to die, but most of the moviegoers hadn’t supposed that they are going to witness something as shocking as the climax.

At the current point in the MCU, many prominent Superheroes have been wiped out, and the only handful of the Avengers are left now. However, we all know at the back of our heads that the Avengers will be back from the dead because one thing that comic books have taught us in their multi-decade lifespan that deaths are never permanent. On the other hand, the masterminds, Russo Brothers (Directors Of Infinity War) said that the deaths are going to be “Changeless.”

Whatever may be the outcome, we will have to wait until next year when Avengers 4 comes out. But Thanos has already been beaten by the Avengers in a fantastic battle that made every comic book fan stand up and nod, and that happened in the epic “Avengers Assemble” animated show, where we saw a full-fledged battle between the Avengers and Thanos with his powerful Infinity Gauntlet complete with all the Infinity gems. Avengers were able to Trick Thanos and beat him. It’s something that every Marvel must see. Here’s the video, we are sure you guys will enjoy this ->


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