This Is How The Avengers Would Look In Their Original Marvel Comics Costumes


Marvel Comics has been around for a number of decades and feature a lot many heroes and stories than we have seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the various Marvel Netflix shows etc. In fact, the stories that we see unfold on the big screen, such as the presently running Avengers: Infinity War, are inspired by comic books written decades ago. The long-term Marvel Comics readers have been familiar with various versions of the stories and also the different appearances of the superheroes.

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have no complaints against the Marvel Comics lovers as they have been following Marvel superheroes only since Iron-Man debuted in 2008. However, the undeniable fact is that the live-action versions of the superheroes are nothing, but, mere audience friendly and less grand versions of their counterparts in the comic book panels. It is seen quite often that the movie costumes are not comic book accurate.

The reasons could vary from the comic book costume being too skimpy or uncomfortable for a human to simply being too outlandish or any other practical purposes. We researched and saw what a lot of cosplayers are doing to create this compilation of how the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Avengers look different from their printed versions and how they would have looked if they accurately replicated the comic book versions. We have also included some elements which they have perfectly portrayed.



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Scarlet Witch



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Captain America


War Machine

The Hulk

Black Panther

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Iron Man

Black Widow


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