Avengers 3 Directors Are Kind-Of Hinting At Using Wolverine, Here’s What They Said.


The Infinity War directors, Joe and Anthony Russo have named Wolverine as the one superhero who they would have loved to see in the upcoming movie. In spite of this movie being already packed with so many characters, the duo admits that there are a few characters who they wish they could add in this movie.

From the starting of the culmination of almost everything that has transpired in the MCU ever since 2008’s Iron Man, Infinity War will set a stage for Phase 3’s final battle. Due to the catastrophic nature, the Avengers sequels will significantly change the status quo in this franchise.

Speaking with GamesRadar during the Infinity War press tour, the Russos had been questioned which superhero they would have wanted to see in this movie.

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Joe had said,

“Let’s open it up to favorite Marvel characters. It would probably be Wolverine,” and Anthony added,

“Yeah, maybe one day…”.

Wolverine might not have been a practical pick, but given his origins, fan-favorite status, and no-nonsense personality, it will surely be great to see him interact with the likes of Captain America and Bucky. He is a great character to throw into an already packed cast knowing that he’ll make the dynamic among characters more fun and interesting to watch.

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Logan has become very much synonymous with the Australian actor, Hugh Jackman after 17 years of playing this character across many movies. But with the actor retiring from this role, we are curious if these directors would have wanted to use him knowing that they need to introduce a new version of Wolverine following Jackman.

Since the news of Fox and Disney had become public, the Marvel fans have started wondering how Fantastic Four and the X-Men would fit in the already established MCU. While people would have to wait until the next year for the buyout to become official, there are a few who have insisted that a few heroes would make an appearance in the Infinity War movie.


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