14 Mighty Asgardians Apart From Thor Who Haven’t Been In MCU


Asgard is inhabited by a clan of mighty warriors. Asgardians, as they are called, are quick, sharp and are blessed with superhuman strength and endurance which makes them warriors of the kind that the humans can’t match. Apart from that Asgard also has a lot of powerful magic which is a part of their fighting technique and weapons, making them even stronger. Here we present to you 15 mighty Asgardians who haven’t been shown in the MCU films!

1. Skadi

Known as the daughter of Serpent in the Asgardian myths, she is the daughter of Odin’s elder brother Cul, who was exiled from Asgard due to fears emanating from his incredible prowess.

2. Cul

Commonly known as CulThe Serpent, he is Odin Borson’s elder brother, father of Skadi and he might very well be the most powerful Asgardian. He is the Norse God of Fear and the biggest threat to Asgard. If we ever talk about the mighty villains, then Cul is right up there. Since he feeds on the fear of his rivals, the more you become scared of him, the mightier he becomes.

3. Karnilla

The Queen of Norheim, Karnilla is the ruler of the Norns, Goddesses of Destiny. Since each Norn is a mighty magician on her own, being their queen, Karnilla is definitely something incredibly powerful. It is also said that barring Odin, nobody in the nine realms had more power than her.

4. Idunn

There was a time when in the comic books, Idunn was one of the three Goddesses called the All-Mother who ruled Asgard. In Norse mythology, Idunn happens to be the Goddess of Immortality, and she gives the Asgardians their daily diet of Golden Apples. Since Idunn is also the ruler of Vanaheim, which didn’t get destroyed in Ragnarok, she might even be featured in Thor 4 as a villain.

5. Balder

Balder is a half-brother of Thor and the original claimant to the Asgardian throne. He has been by the side of Thor and the Warriors Three in the comic books for a long time. During his youth, there was a prophecy that Balder’s death would bring about Ragnarok. To ensure he never dies, Frey cast a magic spell on him, which made him vulnerable only to mistletoe. He can also easily enter the MCU.

6. Amora the Enchantress

Amora is one of the biggest enemies of Thor, and her bone with the hero is that she loves him. It is weird, we know, but, that’s the way comic books are. She is immensely beautiful, and her Kiss can enslave any man. However, Thor has successfully resisted her charm or shall we say magic.

7. Buri

Thor’s great-grandfather Buri used to rule the kingdom which later became known as Asgard. Despite his old age, Buri is as powerful as Thor, and he can grow to such a gigantic size that even Surtur would appear tiny in front of him.

8. Mimir

 Mimir is Bor’s brother and Odin’s uncle. During Asgard’s war with Vanir, Bor kidnapped Mimir and cut his head which was sent to Asgard. He is the Lord of the Well of Wisdom who answers any question if the seeker is ready to pay the price that Mimir asks for. Wait, did we tell you he exists as a floating head?

9. Vidar

Vidar is the culmination of the union of Odin and the Frost Giantess Frig. He is the Norse God of Strength and Vengeance who wields an indestructible staff and is over 10 feet tall. In case Vidar survived Thanos’ finger snap, he might very well make an MCU debut someday.

10. Laussa

 Lausa is a natural offspring of Odin and Freya. However, her birth was ill-omened. Due to supernatural issues, she ended up getting Surtur’s powers instead of Odin and was born as a mighty Fire Demon who was shunned even before she started speaking.

11. Hoder

 At his best, Hoder used to be the best archer and a mighty warrior in Asgard. He was manipulated into killing Balder, an event that set off Ragnarok. Hoder is old and weak, but, still skillful. Despite losing his eyesight, his hearing and other senses are so good that he can repeatedly hit the same bull’s eye.

12. Hermod

Another son of Odin who is much younger, Hermod is the Norse God of Speed and is capable of running at supersonic speed. If Hermod ever makes it to MCU, he might be shown as one of the refugees who survived Ragnarok as well as Thanos.

13. Ultimate Thor

 Now that Infinity Gauntlet has become a part of the MCU, it might just open the door to the Ultimates Universe, where the Ultimate Thor has been existing in exile.

14. Angela

Although it is commonly said that Asgard ruled the nine realms, there is a tenth realm as well, called Heven. Odin struck out Heven from Asgard’s rule when during a war with Heven, its queen abducted Thor’s half-sister Aldrif and probably murdered her. Later she was found to be alive and fit. The Queen’s handmaiden had mercy on her and raised Aldrif as the renowned wingless Angel aka Angela who is far superior to Thor in her combat skills.


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