Concept Artworks Of The 2011 ThunderCats Reboot Will Make You Wish That They Would Have Gone Ahead With Them


Well, we have so many of reasons why we love the original ThunderCats series from the ‘80s and this is exactly why are going to get ThunderCats Roar, Cartoon Network’s reboot.

With this being said, ThunderCats Roar is not the very first time that Lion-O and the team have been rebooted and in 2011, the network had brought back the ThunderCats with a whole new series and it was developed by Michael Jelenic and Ethan Spaulding. ThunderCats Roar may not really look like the show that all the fans actually want, but this is a series that they are getting.

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The new ThunderCats had been canceled after one season and with ThunderCats Roar boosting so much excitement among everyone, the concept artworks from the 2011 show is now seeing the light of day. The Legend of Korra’s supervising producer, Ryu Kihyun had recently given a few designs for the show’s cast.

Here are a few concept artworks of the cast that will make you wish they were the real deal:


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