Artist Combines Famous Album Covers With Marvel Heroes / Villains


To be honest, being a geek is not something to be shy about anymore. In fact, it has become somewhat cool to be obsessive about compiling superhero content and becoming a walking version of wookiepedia or a comic book encyclopedia nowadays. German artist Uwe De Witt is a genius who has found an incredible way to merge his love for music and comic books to such results that delights nerds all over the world.

De Witt has superbly managed to recreate iconic album covers by incorporating equally iconic comic book heroes and bad guys. What he has eventually created seems to be nothing short of a mind-blowing parallel universe where instead of setting up Fantastic Four, Reed Richards and team became the founders of Gorillaz. While De Witt has created scores of these artworks, we have brought to you a compilation of our favorites. Check them out below!

1. Moby / Nightcrawler

2. Dr. Dre / Dr. Doom

3. The Police / Magneto

4. Nicki Minaj / Spider-Woman

5. West Side Story / Daredevil 

6. Britney Spears / Black Queen

7. Aerosmith / Ultron

8. Keane / Iron Man

9. Red Hot Chili Peppers / The Symbiotes

10. The Beatles / Ghost Rider

SOURCE: Dorkly


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