20 Hilarious Arrowverse vs DCEU Memes That Will Make Fans Go Berserk Laughing


Is it even the right thing to compare between two children of the same parents or your right hand with the left hand or Deadpool with Green Lantern, or let’s say Arrowverse with the DCEU?

Right from the time when Warner Bros declared that the DC Extended Universe is a separate cinematic entity with no links to the successful superhero shows on The CW’s Arrowverse, an unavoidable rivalry started between the two universes. In case you have no idea (which seems highly unlikely since you are reading this), the Arrowverse is a small screen shared universe based on DC characters comprising of The CW’s shows Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl. The first show to air on The CW was Arrow hence Arrowverse. It grew from that start, and there is an annual crossover featuring characters from all the four shows. Before the DCEU films made it big, this was the closest resemblance to a Justice League that we had. In fact, there was even a Hall of Justice in the Arrowverse recently.

However, the problems cropped up when the DCEU producers went ahead to feature characters which were present in the TV shows, in their movies. All of a sudden, we saw various supporting characters and villains being bumped off so that they would be able to feature on the big screen. However, the biggest controversy arose when Ezra Miller was cast to play Barry Allen/The Flash rather than the well-known and popular Grant Gustin. These changes and differences led to a no-holds-barred internet battle between the fans of Arrowverse and DCEU. As is the custom, memes are the weapon of mass distraction on the internet.

From Superman to Atom…

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Stop Complaining!

Only thing common in both…

Feel Lucky!

Barry Allen aka Timeline Destroyer!

Ezra is the better Flash!

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Aquaman vs Black Lightning!

We don’t miss you Barry… 

Better luck next time!

Multiple Flash!

Crisis on two Earths…

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What’s wrong with you, Ollie?

Did you like Emo Flash?

Deathstroke is gone for good!

The Flash just can’t wait…

Movie vs TV

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Aquaman is the real boss!

Arrow is the Batman of TV!

Superman and Supergirl!

More to come…


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