Arrow A Show Which Gave Superheroes Their Footing On TV


Arrow finally breathed its last and it was as emotional as you expected it to be. Fans all over the world were feeling teary eyed thinking the OG vigilante of Arrowverse was no more. Oliver queen’s sacrifice in the probably one of the biggest events in the Comic Book genre was heart breaking to say the least. He came to the city to save lives and died not only saving the earth but also everyone who ever fell victim at any point in his Cruel and Tough journey.

Arrow is one of the shows surely to cement its place for years to come. It will primarily be known for giving birth to Arrowverse including shows like The Flash and Supergirl. But at the same time it gave DC the superior footing on TV which Marvel still struggles with. It gave credibility to Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim who both were coming out of the disastrous Green Lantern.

There were many things that worked together to create Arrow and transform it into a phenomenon that it is. Today anything that comes out of Arrowverse does not really have clouds of doubt over it. But when Arrow came into existence, there were some serious risks involved with it. At first they took a hero as their central character who did not really have a mainstream popularity. Then, they were on the heels of another Superhero show Smallville. The impact of the show was active enough at that point for the fans to want Justin Hartley in the role of Arrow. But Stephen Amell proved everyone wrong with his gritty portrayal of the titular hero and created a place in our heart like no other.

What Iron Man and Dark Knight did for Superheroes in the movie, Arrow did for TV. It completely transformed its landscape and expanded its scope.


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