33 Interesting Ant-Man And The Wasp Behind-The-Scene Set Photos Will Make Our Wait Longer!


Marvel Cinematic Universe is incredible and currently rules the box office and the hearts of fans all over the world. Starting with the Iron-Man, the MCU has constantly expanded and added new, fascinating characters which not only endear themselves to the fans but, also become vital parts of the shared Universe. However, there were not too many people who expected Ant-Man to become a fan favorite. Upon its release in 2015, the film turned out to be a surprising success at the box office. In fact, it did so well that even the Marvel Studios were surprised with the performance of the tiny superhero. However, frankly speaking, Ant-Man is just about as clumsy a superhero as possible, and he is out there primarily to make us laugh.

A lot of fans expected to see him play a dramatic role in the recently released Avengers: Infinity War, but, that didn’t happen. In any case, the Ant-Man fans are extremely excited as the next film from his solo series is coming out soon which in fact is a film shared in equal measures by Evangeline Lilly’s character The Wasp who would make her big screen debut as a superhero. Therefore, the time is ripe for us to enjoy these incredible Ant-Man And The Wasp, behind-the-scenes images which will make the wait for the film seem longer!

33. The Shoot!

32. Intense!

31. On Set!

30. Amazing!

29. First day Working!

28. Awesome!

27. This Is Cool!

26. Whoa!

25. The New Suit!

24. Wonderful!

23. Costume Studio!

22. Fantastic Shoot!

21. Walking Around On The Set!

20. Nice!

19. Camera!

18. Haha!

17. With Falcon!

16. Costumes!

15. Haha!

14. High Five!

13. Thinking Shoot!

12. Mind-Boggling!

11. Avengers 4 Set!

10. World Premiere!

9. Movie Scene!

8. And Action!

7. Another Still From The Avengers 4 Set!

6. The Direction!

5. The Fight Scene!

4. Ant-Man Behind-The-Scene!

3. The Yellowjacket!

2. With The Wasp!

1. Fantastic!


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