Another Academy Awards With No Anime Nominations


Anime has been moving hearts and is becoming a part of the general pop culture. Anime fans may argue that the films are worthy of all the awards and accolades in the world. But is has been hard to get anime recognised as a film genre and get an actual nomination. Nothing has changed in the 2020 Academic Awards and no anime film could break through the top nominations.

Worthy anime films like Weathering With You, Children of the Sea, Promare and Okko’s Inn were snubbed to include animated films like: Toy Story 4, Missing Link, I Lost My Body, Klaus, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.

The rebuttal of Makoto Shinkai’s Weathering With You was essentially most disappointing because Japan presented it to the International Feature Film category. It was a hit in Japan last year and was awaiting its debut in the United States. This was the second film, after Princess Mononoke, to be considered worthy of such honour. Not to be adding more salt to the wounds, but Shinkai’s another masterpiece, Your Name  previously had already faced a dismissal before. This might be the reason why the movie failing to entice the Academy Awards jury stings more.

The dismissal becomes palatable once we understand that the Academy Awards is a closed competition. It has individuals from Hollywood as its jury board. We understood that it is their limited taste and expertise that judge the worth of nominated films.

Anime is not alone, many genre films fail to impress the jury. But the lack of award and official nominations is not so depressing as long as the movies have their fan’s support.

Are you bothered by the lack of anime nominations in Award shows? Tells us what other film genre exist that need more recognition? Also, tell us your thoughts about the article in the comments?


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