Annabelle 3 Will Be The Next Conjuring Franchise Movie Releasing In 2019


Gary Dauberman is making Annabelle 3. This will be the first directorial venture for the writer of the Annabelle franchise. This porcelain doll played a key role in The Conjuring, and the first two Annabelle movies have made more than a billion dollars globally. Annabelle 2 turned out to be a massive hit last year, and nearly became the highest grossing horror movie of 2017, before the Andres Muschietti helmed cinematic version of Stephen King’s IT overtook it and went on to become the highest grossing horror film ever.

Gary Dauberman not only wrote the earlier Annabelle movies but, also assisted with IT and now he has The Nun releasing later this year. Although there are no details available for Annabelle 3, it has been officially announced that the film will release on July 3rd, next year, and that must be great news for the horror franchise’s fans. Dauberman has written great stuff for The Conjuring universe and fans are definitely going to be keen to find out how well he does in the directorial role.

The Annabelle films have been small budget movies that earned big bucks at the box office, so there is no reason why they won’t go ahead with Annabelle 3, even more so when GaruDauberman is on board to direct the film. Dauberman wrote the first two Annabelle films, and his writing has been a key element behind the popularity of the films. We have no information about the narrative of the next film, but, it is understood that WB will keep making low-cost movies to enhance the profitability which the original Annabelle movie came up with.

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The Annabelle films haven’t just earned big at the box office, but, they have also been highly praised critically. Annabelle 2 began with a 100 percent Fresh Rating on Rotten Tomatoes when it hit the theaters. As of now, it stands at 70  percent, but, that is still better than the last The Conjuring movie. These out and out horror movies are much sought after, and that means Annabelle 3 will be readying for success as when it releases next year.

The horror genre has witnessed a tremendous revival, and the Annabelle series is right at the center of the franchises leading this resurgence. Although we don’t know the movie’s plot as of now, but, does it really even matter? The porcelain doll is going to be back, and people are going to shriek and die horribly. That’s what has been working well until now. We don’t need to think too much and it is just going to be a funny film which we must watch in a theater full of scary movie aficionados and munch popcorn. You can read further about the upcoming Annabelle 3 on the website of The Hollywood Reporter.


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