An Expendable Christmas Spinoff Starring Jason Statham Is In Production


The first Expendables was released on the big screen in 2010 and bagged $35 million only in its opening weekend. The film was declared a success as it collected $274 million throughout the world. Its success was followed by The Expendables 2 which was released in 2012 and took the franchise a notch above and paving the way for The Expendables 3. However, the last installment failed to make a great impact despite earning $214 million in 2014.

Six years after the final installment was released, the star-studded franchise now seems to be a classic among action fans. This realization has made the producers come with another installment that will be released on America’s most popular holiday, Christmas.

But this installment is a major digression from the previous films. It does not include the entire star-packed cast. Rather, it would just focus on Jason Statham’s character Lee Christmas (we cannot help but comment on the super appropriate name). It is a safe bet that the plot will revolve around the major holiday, given its release date as well as the character’s name.

Also, Statham might be occasionally joined by cameos from other characters played by Stallone, Schwarzennegger  and Tony Jaa. It is yet unclear what roles they will play and how substantial it will be for the plot.

DJ Caruso will be given the task to direct the new Expendables spinoff. He is a worthy candidate for the position given his portfolio of great films like Disturbia, Eagle Eye, and xXx: The Return of Xander Cage. The script is written by Max Adams and will have a production budget of $70 million.


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