Alita Sequel Gets Trending On Twitter


Petitions work. I mean look at Veronica Mars that show was dead in the water for so many years but gained a new life because fans didn’t gave up. They funded the movie which also facilitated a new series revival on Hulu. Yay!! A win. But this win came after hours of frustration, the hours that fan gave into convincing big studios to give them their desire and wish. But in this age of social media this frustration does give fruits. I mean the Sonic movie literally postponed their release date because their trailer got brutally rejected online.

Every pop culture fan knows how hard it is to keep fighting the good fight without feeling helpless and what not.  A fandom going through this now is of Alita: Battle Angel, a manga based movie released on 2019. You might think a hugely popular manga with Disney backing it, must be sure shot hit. No it wasn’t The only way it was able to recuperate its finances was by overseas business. Yes you are thinking what I am saying people have lost their taste.

The movie’s recent release on twitter inspired the fans to fight for their beloved property and started trending #AlitaSequel on twitter to get the attention of Disney Officials. Such a petition was previously created in October.

The movie was based on the hugely popular manga titled Battle Angel Alita by Yukito Kishiro. The manga has a cult following all over the world and the fans waited many years to see the adaptation on screen. The movie was a dream project of James Cameron who at the end decided against directing it and gave the reins to Robert Rodriguez for Avatar. Moreover the CGI cost on the movie sky rocketed and the fact that this franchise is less lucrative than Star Wars and MCU gives Disney no incentive to go forward. But you know what weirder things have happened.


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