Alison Brie To Be Considered For The Role Of She Hulk


One of the most highly anticipated projects of Disney + has been none other than She Hulk. She Hulk is an interesting project and iconic as well considering the dearth if women led projects Marvel has created in its Universe. It till date has only one women led release to its name with the other one Black Widow soon to follow. But all in all in such an expansive list they have has very few women led Superhero movies. But seems like Marvel has taken an active resolution to change this history as it has announced and begun work on a slew of women Superheroes such as Wandavision, Female Thor and She Hulk. As we all know She Hulk is to release very soon and therefore needs to begin production in the summer. Therefore it is extremely necessary for them to find the perfect casting.

Many are speculating Alison Brie to be a front runner while many reports have clarified that they are looking for an Alison Brie like actress to play the role. But honestly why not go for her because she seems like the perfect choice. Her appearance in GLOW, a Netflix show based on women wrestling shows that she has the physicality to pull off the role. And at the same time Jennifer Walters aka She Hulk requires someone with a subtlehumor as far as the comics are considered and Brie has a good history with that. Her most popular role was as Annie Edison on Community for the duration of the show’s run. Annie was the youngest member of the group and an avid overachiever, as well as a bit naive. She made us laugh as well as feel for her.

In her recent movies like Horsegirl she has shown that her acting chops are no less than anyone and she sort of has a connection to Marvel as the creators of Community the Russo brothers actually directed four films of the franchise. Do it could actually be in the family.


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