Rumor: An Alien TV Series Is In The Works


It is reported by Omega Underground that various sources have informed them about an Alien universe based TV series that is being discussed by 20th Century Fox. The details about the speculated series are not available, but, it is reported that there is a confusion about where it would air, whether on a network such as FX or some streaming platform. For now, the series is in initial stages of development, so we would suggest that you take it with caution and wait until the official announcement is made.

Talks about the show and its budget are already suggesting that it could be a series related to colonists or colonial marines set within the Alien universe. The series might feature Xenomorphs occasionally, but, will also showcase new alien risks or it might link the Alien series with the Prometheus and showcase dangers such as alien viruses or evolved beings like The Engineers. Audience interest in Alien series has been waning steadily over the years, and there hasn’t been much effort to lure viewers back.

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After the AVP films in the 2000s did poorly, Ridley Scott made efforts to expand the franchise by introducing the Xenomorph makers, The Engineers, in the 2012 movie Prometheus which was partly a prequel. That film ended up antagonizing a large number of loyal fans with the sermons related to godliness and the origins of humanity, and that led Scott to create Alien: Covenant, but, that movie turned out to be dull and far from what fans had expected from the famous sci-fi/horror franchise.

As of now, the future of Scott’s sequel movies is uncertain, and the hope that was generated regarding the District 9 maker Neil Blomkamp’s sequel to Aliens has flickered out. On top of that, we have the Disney and 20th Century Fox deal which might lead to massive revamp of the Alien franchise. This is what Ridley Scott said about the mega-merger:

“It looks to me that the Fox deal is certainly going to go ahead with Disney, and I’ve been with Fox for a number years now. I’m hoping I’ll still probably be there so whether or not they go ahead with such a dark subject, being Disney, as aliens remains to be seen.”

Although, Aliens in hibernation now, Fox is going to come out with the next The Predator movie on September 14.


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