Alexa Bliss Is Confused With The Obsession About Her Butt


We love us some WWE. A lot of it is because of the interesting and sometimes downright hilarious storylines it produces.Sometimes these storylines get pretty intense, like Undertaker coming back to life. I mean what? And sometimes they get pretty awkward and focus on someone’s butts.

This storyline is happening with one of the most prolific women wrestlers of WWE Alexa Bliss. In part of her storyline her nickname has become Biscuit Butt. Yes. Really!!

A lot of the inspiration for the storylines come from real life. A huge amount, in my opinion obscene amount of attention is given to Bliss’ butts in real life by fans. Though most of it is positive. But come on its weird.

She is a fit women and has a gorgeous body which she has the complete right to flaunt but at the end of the day getting compliments about her butts on a daily basis must make her a little uncomfortable.

My speculation was proven to be right when the prolific wrestler herself said in a short TMZ interview that she doesn’t understand the obsession with her butts and sometimes wishes that this attention went to her pet pig, Larry Steve who by the way is super cute.

Larry Steve boasts a following of 97,000 while Bliss has a staggering 4.4 million followers.

Currently Bliss is focussing on her tag team partnership with Nikki Cross. The pair won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships in August, then were dropped to the Kabuki Warriors at Hell in a Cell in October. Both Bliss and Cross are booked for the Women’s Royal Rumble match this Sunday

In all her recent appearances she has emphasised on the need to have more participation from women wrestlers in the industry. She wants to carry forward the evolution and inspire girls all over the world to take this sport.


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