Adam Driver Returns To SNL Playing The Role Of Kylo Ren


Adam Driver right now is literally on a high. He has been garnering appreciation for his role in The Marriage Story from all the corners. He has till now been nominated for the AACTA Awards, Academy Awards,British Academy Film Awards,Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association, Detroit Film Critics Society, Dorian Awards, Florida Film Critics Circle Awards, Georgia Film Critics Association, Gold Derby Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Gotham Independent Film Awards and many more.

Now he is going to take on maybe a role of a lifetime, which he actually has done once before- perform a sketch on Saturday Night Live.He is going to continue on a previous sketch that he performed when he hosted SNL. This sketch is named Undercover Boss: Where Are They Now? In this sketch Kylo Ren goes in the shoes of one of his most popular characters Kylo Ren/ Ben Solo.

To those who don’t know Driver played the iconic role of Kylo Ren for three movies in the Star Wars sequel trilogy.

In this sketch Kylo pretends to be First Order intern Randy. He wants to spy on the First Order to see how things have changed since his last visit. The answer, not that much.

He was not able to keep his cover for that long as his colleagues quickly figure out that he’s Kylo Ren when he starts destroying printers and murdering admirals with his Force powers.

It was extremely delightful to see Driver play Kylo, especially after the tragic way the character met his death in the last movie of the trilogy, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Fans are still not completely recuperated from it and want him to return in some capacity as they are really invested in his pairing with Rey

Talking about that, he commented

“I don’t internalize it because I don’t know that it has much to do with me. If anything, I think it has to do with the strength of the movie and what makes these movies universal and stretch across time,” Driver said. “Yes, obviously there’s a huge visual element that’s going on that’s very satisfying, it’s beautiful to look at, but no one will care if you don’t care about these human themes that are what propel the movie forward. This thing of Luke being a kid from a small town who feels like he’s destined for something great, about friendship and discovering your place among your friends, family that you’ve acquired and family that you’re tied to, things that you identify about them with and things you run away from. All these themes are the thing that make the spectacle of it more exciting and interesting.”


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