25 Actors Who Almost Became Earth’s Mightiest Heroes


There had been a time when we all collected and even exchanged comic books with our friends. These panels had featured world's most famous heroes and villains brought them to life on paper and left a lot to our own imagination. We had always wished to see the characters on the big screen as but this did not go well at times. Well, soon time passed by and so did technology.

Ever since, Marvel has been leading the charge with 19 movies and this studio had spent so many years of planning and have linked every movie to each other and has also established backstories for all of the crucial characters.

Actors like Robert Downey Jr and Chris Hemsworth have become the face of the MCU. But much before they had been cast, there were other actors who almost bagged these roles. Here is a list of the actors who had lost their chance to become Avengers:

25. Val Kilmer (Captain America)

24. Emily Blunt (Black Widow)

23. Billy Crudup (Hulk)

22. Sam Rockwell (Iron Man)

21. Dolph Lundgren (Captain America)

20. Eliza Dushku (Black Widow)

19. Tom Hiddleston (Thor)

18. Jeff Goldblum (Hulk/Banner)

17. Rikki Lee Travolta (Thor)

16. Johnny Depp (Hulk/Banner)

15. Lindsay Lohan (Unknown)

14. Arnold Schwarzenegger (Captain America)

13. Nicolas Cage (Iron Man)

12. Liam Hemsworth (Thor)

11. Steve Buscemi (Hulk)

10. Tom Cruise (Iron Man)

9. John Krasinski (Captain America)

8. Glenn Howerton (Star-Lord)

7. David Duchovny (Hulk)

6. Jason Momoa (Drax)

5. Saorise Ronan (Scarlet Witch)

4. Joseph Gordon Levitt (Ant-Man)

3. Joaquin Phoenix (Doctor Strange)

2. Michael B Jordan (Falcon)

1. Jensen Ackles (Hawkeye)


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