Actor Stephen Amell’s Daughter Tells Everyone That He Is Green Arrow


The actor of Green Arrow, Stephen Amell now has no hope at any secret identity because of his little daughter, Mavi.

He has played Oliver Queen for 6 seasons and the actor appeared at Heroes and Villains FanFest in London and here, his daughter crashed a panel hosting many fans.

“My daughter is the very, very worst at keeping my secret identity,” Amell had said.

“She tells everybody that I’m the Green Arrow.”

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“Watch this, watch this: Mavi, do not tell people that I’m the Green Arrow,” Amell had started out.

While he held a microphone, Mavi pauses and then says, “My dad is the Green Arrow.”

“We’re also debuting a new character, who, when I heard about it, I just got goosebumps.” Amell had added.

Arrow’s seventh season will debut Mondays this fall at 9/8c, following new episodes of Legends of Tomorrow.


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