Academy Award Winner Taika Waititi To not Direct A Star Wars Feature


Taika Watiti is a hot commodity right now after tge resounding success critically and commercially of Jojo Rabbit. He is a unique director. He brings high class concept into the reach of viewers by endearing and heart-warming ways. I mean he made a Hitler based comedy work. He is as weird as this art demands.

People never thought that his style would work in franchises like Star Wars and Marvel. Though he has a long connection with Marvel. He categorically stated that he would not do a Star Wars film. But all of this went for a flip when he directed the penultimate episode of The Mandalorian. It was filled with warmth and a weird humour. Therefore when news broke out that Lucasfilms is approaching him to make a Star Wars movie not m any people doubted the validity of it considering his love for unique projects and ties with Disney which sort of co owns this franchise. But in a recent interview he denied all these claims but ended on a hopeful but sarcastic tone.

He said that these rumours came because he was hanging out with certain people but that didn’t mean he was involved in a project of such sorts. But he was open to such a film as long as it was not a career suicide.

And honestly if you want this movie on the screen as soon as possible he is really not the director for you. He is busy making Next Goal Wins and at the same time is preparing himself to helm Thor: Love and Thunder, the only sequel project involving an avenger in Phase 4 right now. He is also gearing up for Suicide Squad. He is gearing up for both DC and Marvel. One crown is heavy enough, imagine two. He has a lot on his plate.


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