A Sequel Can Still Be In Sights For Birds Of Prey


Birds Of Prey unfortunately is not having the phenomenal run at box office we all hoped it would have. And frankly it deserved to have because it is actually good. Many reasons are attributed to its failure incorrect promotions, weird title or the r rating being the few. But in all honesty aren’t we jumping the gun a bit too soon. Is the movie really a failure? Made on a comparatively low budget, the movie recently crossed the 100 million mark and there are huge possibilities that it will break even.

But the question that is haunting every fan as it normally does for a superhero movie. will it get a sequel. And the answer is actually sort of affirmative. By all ways it should get a sequel. Because it is actually not that huge if a failure that people are deeming it to be. And it really does have the fan support which is what honestly DC and Warner Bros. considers primarily. I mean they hired James Gunn solely because fans wanted.

That is the reason why Shazam! Even after giving an average performance had a spinoff in place way before its release just on the basis of anticipation. And actually has a third movie in works even after being the lowest DCEU grosser before Birds Of Prey. Just because fans adored them.

A similar case could be made for Birds Of prey, it has been well liked by fans in general and had a strong team of woman behind it who literally gave their all. These strong women have amazing stories in them that we would love to see on the screen. Harley still has the popular Poison Ivy storyline and Black Canary has a storehouse of stories which would translate into great movies. I don’t know about others but I would be waiting eagerly for that sequel.


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