Elijah Wood Wants To Produce A Reboot To A Nightmare On The Elm Street


After the news of Matrix’s revival it is very clear that network and production companies are actively looking for Reboots and Revivals. Anything, which would give them a franchise. They are literally ready to pour their money into it and they have.

One of the most interesting in the bunch of movies discussed for reboot is A Nightmare on the Elm Street. It is one of the most iconic horror franchises of its time. It was really scary and was driven on the performance of its actors. The fact that it was scary should be really a point of focus as there were no CGI’s or special effects at that point of time. It was all performance.

Two people very much interested in this reboot are Elijah Wood and his producing partner Daniel Noah who have this project on their wish list. But one condition which they have for going into this madness is that they want the legendary Robert Englund back as Freddy Krueger one last time.

Disney took a huge risk when they discarded Lucas’ ideas and went forward with the sequels. Fans were significantly mad and the movies could have very well been in danger. So their idea of keeping an original actor at least in the first movie sounds very good.

While promoting his movie Come to Daddy Wood, clearly says that to expand this franchise and reinvigorate it, it is necessary that it is established first and to do so Robert England must become a killer once again at Least in one movie.

Englud has been asked various times but until The Goldberg he has somewhat been apprehensive to it due to his age. But who knows maybe The Goldbergs gig changed his mind and he is ready to kill once again.

A reboot was earlier released in 2010.


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