A New More Dangerous Dinosaur Discovered


Even after getting extinct a millions of years ago, people are still interested in dinosaurs. We love dinosaurs in ways which is actually sort of weird. I mean see the box office figures of Jurassic Park and trust me it had nothing other than dinosaurs.

The most terrible dinosaur has been Tyrannosaurus Rex by far. We are scared of him out of our minds,. But guess what we have something to be more scared of and that is Thanatotheristes degrootoru and what a name he has been given, reaper of death. It has been identified by University of Calgary and Royal Tyrrell Museum in Canada.

According to Edmonton Journal it is the oldest Tyrannosaurus known in the country.

Jared Voris, University Of Calgary PhD. Candidate made this discovery when he located its remains in a drawer of Royal Tyrrell Museum.

That’s from where the exploration began which just developed into more and more.

“We’d find one feature, and then we’d find another, and then it would just kind of cascade into finally understanding that this was something completely different than what we’d seen before,” Voris explained.

The name is a combination of a Greek word meaning reaper of death and Alberta couple, the DeGroots, who discovered the fragments in 2010.

This discovery is very interesting as this creature predates the previous dinosaur by 12 million years and gives us a peek into a period of history that we know not a lot about. He is also the first man eater to be discovered as the other two were plant eaters.

“This is the first apex predatory dinosaur species known from this formation,” Zelenitsky said.

He is not really the ancestor of Tyrannosaurus Rex and actually has a similarity with another T rex. That species is none other than Daspletosaurus. But its similarities are mind boggling to say the least. Needless to say everyone is excited about it.



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