A Massive Avengers Easter Egg Found In Guardians Of The Galaxy


There is no doubt that the MCU is the biggest franchise in Hollywood at present. It goes beyond saying that only Marvel Studios has successfully pulled off the concept of a shared cinematic universe. It is not something that others have replicated successfully. Disney is making a lot of money with the Team up films such as Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy series, and now they brought all the superheroes together in Avengers: Infinity War. Therefore, it is normal for the other studios to try and emulate that!

WB has tried that twice now, but, they have not succeeded on both occasions. DC didn’t manage to get the kind of hype that Marvel Cinematic Universe gets, and the constant meddling of WB Executives doesn’t let their directors work freely, resulting in failures of their movies generally. Justice League was supposed to be their mega movie, but, it turned out to be the least earning DCEU film. Now they are trying to recover by creating Monster-verse by pitting Godzilla and King Kong against each other in 2020. Let’s see how that one goes!

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Universal tried its own hand at a shared Universe by trying to set up a Dark Universe with the Mummy, but, that one failed even before it started. Recently, the makers of Avengers: Infinity War had a word of advice to those dabbling in shared universe concepts: “Don’t Do it.” This is what they said.

 “Yeah, don’t do it. Not everything can be sustained through a cinematic universe.”

In fact, they are spot on! However, a shared universe has its own benefits. One such benefit is the Easter Eggs which suddenly appear in the superhero movies. Zack Snyder was good at it, but, he is out now. MCU also has been great at it, and they have Easter Eggs in every film, referring to either the comic books or other universes and movie genres.

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James Gunn is an expert MCU moviemaker who adds these little Easter Eggs everywhere. There were a lot of them in The Collector’s vault. Now James Gunn has said that there is one big Easter Egg that nobody had spotted until now.

However, a fan on Reddit has spotted what seems to be a mighty Avengers Easter Egg in Guardians of the Galaxy, as seen in the image below. The theory is that The Collector’s vault on the planet Knowhere paid tribute to The Avengers heroes. This is what the Redditor (/u/nbrant11) mentioned in a comments section on Reddit:

 “1 is a hammer that loosely resembles Thor’s. Also, on the building to the left of the hammer there are other large metal pieces that look like they came from the hammer and they have bevels that resemble the bevels from Thor’s hammer. 2 is a radiation symbol and what looks to be green spray paint art on the side of the building which symbolizes the hulk. Three could be three different things. It could either represent Black Widow if it is a spider with a red glow underneath it.

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It could also represent Iron Man because it slightly resembles an Arc Reactor. Or, it could actually be the vault in which the Aether is stored, with the red glow being the Aether. Four potentially represents Tony Stark’s Arc Reactor. 5 resembles Captain America’s unfinished shield that is seen in Iron Man 2. 6 represents Hawkeye because the purple glow makes a perfect arrow. Also, it has been pointed out that seven looks exactly like a cartoon version of Adam West’s Batman, which James Gunn is a huge fan of.”

James Gunn is yet to confirm it, but, it seems to be quite correct and planned. No wonder there is plenty of crazy stuff belonging to other movies that can be spotted in a shared universe.


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