25 Extremely Funny Marvel Logic Comics To Create Hype For Avengers: Infinity War


There are some of the most complex and interlinked plots in Marvel Cinematic Universe in comparison to any of the other comic based movie franchises currently. In fact,  it would be a gross understatement if we say that Marvel is good at fantasy storytelling because they are the real inventors of the superhero trend prevalent today.

Since we mentioned that, we must acknowledge that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been the origin of some of the most famous and unforgettable superheroes ever to grace the big screen. Not only heroes but, MCU has also been accurate in the portrayal of the most fierce and infamous super villains and backstabbing mischief creators that we have seen in the movies. No doubt, all the good characters must get a perfect backstory as well, and Marvel is not a laggard when it comes to depicting their characters on the big screen. The one thing that makes MCU characters outshine others is their colorful and at times eccentric personalities which always make the fans chuckle.

The stories of the MCU movies have an inherent charm which can quickly shift tones from serious to funny and outrightly hilarious. Superhero movies are famous for going beyond the limitations of reality and logic, to depict things which our everyday logic doesn’t agree with. That also leads to some funny situations which could be so superb and unorthodox that fans won’t be able to stop themselves from laughing out loud.

Although Marvel is already in defiance of logic with their superhero movies, they further take the incredulous element by showcasing their superheroes in insanely hilarious ways which in turn make them even more popular among fans. Here we present to you 25 absolutely hilarious Marvel logic comics which would get you hyped up nicely for the Avengers: Infinity War releasing on this Friday.

25. Spidey Isn’t Impressed

24. The Misunderstood Avenger

23 . Star Lord’s Groove

22. No Shields Required

21. Wrong Team, Ant-Man

20. Recipe For Disaster

19. No Cats Allowed

18. Classy Captain

17. No Free Hugs

16. Technologically Impaired

15. Avengers Assembled

14. Cap Is Clueless

13. Wrong Number

12. Thor’s Little Secret

11. Not A Fan

10. No Fly Zone

9. Low-key Insult

8. Too Cool For Tech Tools

7. Butterfingers

6. You Don’t Say

5. What A Deal!

4. Odd One Out

3. Extended Family

2. Next Level Friendship

1. What’s A Bad Hair Day?


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