25 Absolutely Crazy Marvel Vs. DC Memes Only Genuine Fans Can Understand


Let’s talk about the passionate followers of DC and Marvel. Not the competition between the comics, but, the film worlds. Yes, it might appear weird to those who are not familiar, but, it a Marvel comic fan and a Marvel movie fan are two different species. How? Well, Marvel movies are loved by everyone. They are not confined to the nerd domain. In fact, you can be justified in saying that they are the modern day pop culture version of the Westerns. It is not as if there is not a shared fan base because there would be a lot of fans who enjoy reading the comic books and watching the movies. However, the safer estimate would be to say that majority of the MCU fans are common people who have simply entered the world of comic book based movies without much knowledge of the publications.

The same parameters can be applied to DC’s films as well. They saw what Marvel was doing and reaping a rich harvest, so instead of biding their time, the way Marvel did, DC jumped head on to try and catch up with MCU, and that’s evident. Their films are not that awesome, but, that’s something we will evaluate later. We don’t hate DC. Batman is a favorite of ours and Spider-Man comes a close second. We also like other DC heroes such as Superman and The Flash, but, they could be even better if they worked with more dedication on their films. While they need to brighten up, it doesn’t have to be forced humor. We are sure you all understand what we mean. Anyway, end of the debate and it is time to enjoy some incredibly funny DC vs. Marvel memes.

25. A Simple Description

24. Boy Scouts Vs. Rich Dudes

23. Stan Lee: Comic God And Father

22. If Comics Were Girls

25. Eye Of The Beholder

20. Beating A Dead Horse

19. Date Marvel, Fantasize About DC

18. Sick Burn

17. Masking The Truth

16. Yeah But…

15. Gods Among Us

14. Artificial Rivalries

13. Oscar Bait

12. Collateral Damage

11. Race To DC Mountain

10. Mommy Dearest

9. Let My Heroes Go

8. Universal Praise

7. DC’s Best Assets

6. Reversed Redemption

5. The Ultimate Hero Force

4. Heaven And…

3. Love For All

2. Dropping Bombs

1. Brooding In The Light


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