20 DC Photoshop Fancastings Which Could Make Or Break A Character

20 DC Photoshop Fancastings Which Could Make Or Break A Character

The DC Extended Universe is a set of movies which are not well-suited to anyone’s taste. Warner Bros. Studios have tried their best to benefit from the vast superhero genre and to make big money at the box office. Although it is not deniable that they are earning big dollars at the worldwide box office, they are not yet able to match up to their mightiest rivals on the block: Marvel Studio and Marvel Cinematic Universe. To the extent that people who have previously been associated with DC Films are saying that the DCEU is not even the official name given to their shared universe. Well, it just keeps getting confused!

As far as the casting of characters within the DC Films is seen until now, there have been some fantastic picks and some that should have preferably been replaced by other actors. That is the exact thing we are going to focus upon in this article as we dive into the vast pool of the Photoshop fan castings!

We don’t wish to cause any misunderstanding, and we are not of the opinion that fans should have a decisive say in choosing who gets cast to play which character in DC movies. We must not forget how Heath Ledger’s announcement as Joker had caused a huge outcry and the eventual outcome. Same applies to Ben Affleck’s casting as Batman, and honestly, he has shown how he is more than the right choice to play the character of the World’s Best Detective.

All said and done, let’s go ahead and check out these DC Photoshop fan castings, some of which are better than the real movies and some which would have been terrible.

20. Wouldn’t Work: Save It For Fancy Dress(Chloë Grace Moretz)

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19. Better: A Darker Knight(Jeffrey Dean Morgan)

18. Better: I Believe In Michael Fassbender(Michael Fassbender)

17. Better: Supernatural To Superhero(Jared Padalecki)

16. Wouldn’t Work: Missing The Mark(Neil Patrick Harris)

15. Wouldn’t Work: Funny For All The Wrong Reasons(Hugh Laurie)

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14. Better: A Clown Prince Of Crime(Willem Dafoe)

13. Wouldn’t Work: No Need For A Replacement(Tabitha Lyons)

12. Better: Make It Happen!(Anna Kendrick)

11. Wouldn’t Work: Stick To Wrestling(Brock Lesnar)

10. Better: A Perfect Casting Choice(Bryan Cranston)

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9. Wouldn’t Work: Never Gonna Happen(Angelina Jolie)

8. Better: Bring Oliver Queen To The DCEU!(Charlie Hunnam)

7. Wouldn’t Work: Not Quite Saved By The Bell(Drake Bell)

6. Better: We’ve Got Chills!(Patrick Stewart)

5. Better: The Original Choice(Tom Hardy)

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4. Wouldn’t Work: Just Doesn’t Feel Right(John Cena)

3. Wouldn’t Work: Not So Flash(Michael Rosenbaum)

2. Wouldn’t Work: Don’t Taint A Legacy(Christian Bale)

1. Better: A Missed Opportunity(Robin Williams)


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