2 Major Members Of Guardians Of The Galaxy Could Be Siblings, Here’s What We Know


Now we have a theory that states that Star-and Mantis Lord may be siblings. This is evidenced by a new Guardians of the Galaxy theory and Mantis had been introduced in Vol. 2 as a servant to Ego and she then became a part of this team and we saw her in Infinity War. She then turned into dust and when Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 releases we might learn that Mantis and Star-Lord are brother and sister.

Mantis had spent a whole lot of time on Ego’s planet and it looks like that they might be closer than ever. The Reddit user EvilBananaManRD broke this news and when Ego had explained to Star-Lord that he went from planet to planet and hooked up with women to find the right mix to have his child, we see a graphic with Ego making out with many women and we saw like Mantis.

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But Ego had not revealed that Mantis is his child and she has extraordinary powers like Star-Lord and Ego. She is an empath and she can put powerful creatures to sleep. She can read minds and emotions as well.

It is probable that Ego is the main reason Mantis has these powers like Star-Lord. James Gunn takes to social media and keeps his fans updated and if this rumor is true, Gunn may not choose to bring this up.

If the theory does prove to be true, then Star-Lord might have a whole lot of secret living siblings in the galaxy.


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