16 Hilarious WWE Memes That Will Make You Laugh Uncontrollably


Memes have now become very prominent part of the modern culture, and people use it mostly for trolling. There are so many memes out there on the internet about almost any topic so far. Usually, memes are about movies, comic books, and TV series, but today let us look at wrestling. Memes come in all kinds of formats- Parents not home and Salt Bae are a few examples.

There are many memes that exist within the WWE universe. Miz Girl, Shocked Undertaker Guy and Brock Lesnar Guy, just to name a few. These examples are the best ones, but they will not be the type of memes which are featured today. Here, we have 15 memes that are not based on a fan’s reaction but are created following an event the in pro wrestling history:

16. My Parents Aren’t Home

15. Just Press F5

14. Mark Calaway Found Safe And Well

13. Ambrose The Thriller

12. Have A Snickers

11. AJ Styles: Troubled Youth

10. Hogan Who?

9. Free Suits From Triple H

8. The Samoan Confusion

7. The Defaced NXT Women’s Championship

6. Right, Acute, Obtuse, Kurt

5. Salt Vince

4. The Creation Of Kevin

3. Who Wore It Better

2. Let’s Talk Wrestling

1. Wrestling Is Fake?


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