15 Marvel Comic Book Panels That Got Too Hot To Handle.


While Disney has become the owner of Marvel, but, there is a long history of graphic Marvel romps which would make Disney embarrassed or might want Walt to shut his eyes. It is not unnatural to see the logic that these superhot superheroes with perfect bodies would get intimate with each other, and Marvel’s premise is that it features its characters deal with real life issues and scenarios.

Physical intimacy has its own issues, but, the way things are depicted in Marvel comics, indulging in those things is a problem by itself. Intimacy is  often used as a tool to shock the readers, and to create stuff that goes under the heading ‘fan  fiction.’ It is all for the readers to judge eventually.

Here we present to you a compilation of the most explicit scenes of graphic intimacy from Marvel. We caution you to apply discretion while reading further as not all scenes are consensual, and some might even be NSFW.

15. Osborn’s Satisfaction

This one is only because you were vocal about wanting to see what the Green Goblin would look like when he is in the act. You didn’t ask for it? The thing is, this is internet, and here we have scores of crazy guys who fancy him doing that. However, what was unexpected by the readers is that Marvel would actually show this happen. Just think about it he impregnated Peter Parker’s former lover Gwen Stacy, and that was the reason why he killed her.

Thankfully, we were never tortured by the visuals of Chris Cooper doing Emma Stone in the films made by Marc Webb.

14. Imperial coitus

Sub-mariner ’s concept of undertaking a diplomatic mission is vastly different from us. In the Uncanny X-Men Vol. 2 #8, he made out with the Queen of a particular species of sea-worms.

Hope summed  things well with her reaction: “You didn’t really Imperius Sex her.” Namor replied that a gentleman and a royal must always be careful about such activities. Also, it was all fine because she was a queen.

13. Ms. Marvel’s is the mother of her own rapist

It is similar to Terminator, but, the difference here is that John Connor is the same guy that Kyle Reese is, and Sarah Connor is a victim with no choice of her own. She is carrying a baby which becomes fully evolved in three days and doesn’t have any idea of who the baby’s father was. Ultimately, Carol Danvers comes to learn that the baby is Marcus, son of an alien called Immortus. To revive himself from part-inaction, he made her pregnant with himself, using seduction techniques and a mind-control device. After he was born again in the human form, he quickly grew into an adult Marcus, and together they headed off to an alternate dimension happily accompanied by each other.

If you find that creepy and insane, you are not the only one. Chris Claremont also agreed to it.

12. Aunt, you can’t

A lot of Marvel fans thought that the idea to depict a much younger and hotter Aunt May in Civil War was only a ploy to make it easy for Robert Downey Jr. hit on her. However, when you see this image, you would realize that if this movie had been directed by Zack Snyder, he might have put J.K. Simmons and Rosemary Harris in a compromising position.

To say it differently, yes that’s Aunt May in the bed.

11. Peter Parker is physically abused.

It seems like the Spidey has tough luck when it comes to intimate moments. However, this was something for a good reason and not an imaginary molestation. However, the comic that featured it also featured teenage superheroes Power Pack, and it was created with an aim to teach kids how to get things like molestation reported. By emphasizing that you would continue being a superhero, and the fact that even a good guy like Peter Parker could be a victim of such an awful incident, but, without insulting him. The comic basically wanted to make the victims realize that they were not the ones at fault.

To make it even more realistic, the molester Skip Westcott seems to have gotten away with his act, because Spider-Man never avenged himself. However, he used his experience to help others who faced similar situations. And as far as the depiction of rape in comic books is concerned, this one was managed with empathy and understanding.

10. Spider-Man did it bad

Almost every kid starts wondering after a certain age how did Superman make love to Lois. However, apart from the “organic webshooter” jokes which emerged in the wake of Sam Raimi films, hardly anyone has ever focused on Spider-Man’s bad bed powers.

That is, apart from the Dark Knight themed Spider-Man: Reign, where we came to know that Mary Jane succumbed to cancer that was given to her by the radioactive semen of Peter Parker. Hence, it is proven that Spidey is a menace always.

Wonder why didn’t he think lead-coated condoms before jumping into action?

9. Hawkeye bewitched

In the MCU films, Clint Barton/Hawkeye is a loyal, happily-married family guy, but, only because Joss Whedon believed that would be a great twist. In the comic books, he has had a number of top-notch affairs, and one of them happened to be Scarlet Witch, with whom he made out when she was suffering from amnesia and behaving crazy.

However, that’s an action you must avoid if you are not an imaginary character originating in comic books because this falls more under the category of abuse/rape. However, the thing is that this one wasn’t Wanda Maximoff, but, a robot created by Dr. Doom and that makes Hawkeye less guilty.

8. Rear entry

While fans might be familiar with Jessica Jones courtesy the Netflix show titled on her, but, it is unlikely that they know that in the Alias comics, she engaged in unnatural coitus with Luke Cage. In fact, the mix featuring anal and inter-racial appeared so controversial for the Alabama based Marvel printers, that they initially didn’t print the comic.

Even in the Netflix show, Jessica and Luke still made out, but, in a more normal position. However, they will again be seen in extreme proximity in Defenders, so a rear entry is never ruled out.

7. Meat and Mystique

Could there be any bigger alpha-male fantasy than making out with the gorgeous shape-shifter known as Mystique?

But, doing it while chomping on a raw, gigantic chunk of meat dripping with blood? That’s the way Sabretooth rolls.

This scene was called by Bleeding Cool as “THE single worst-written scene in the entire X-men line this year.”

6. Hulk making out in the public

Incredible Hulk #7.1 showed Hulk and his alter-ego Bruce Banner exist separately. Hulk is clueless about what he should do when he is not in the ‘smash’ mode.

So he grabs Red She-Hulk and makes out in public. The good thing is that this wasn’t incest. This lady was Betty Ross. Hulk did his cousin only in the alternate future shown in Old Man Logan, where the couple even had tiny inbred Hulklings rolling around.

5. Ant-Man did the Wasp

From time to time, fans wonder how some superheroes handle things in the bed  (the super stretchy Mr.  Fantastic to quote an example).  In fact, Hank Pym went to the extent of using his shrinking powers to go all the way inside his girlfriend Janet Van Dyne and came out dripping. Avengers #71 was recipient to an unusual “mature” rating consequently and caused some controversy. However, fans were just as upset about the terrible artwork and narrative as they were about the Wasp juice.

Now, that  Marvel has come under Disney and Ant-Man is a family guy (in fact, he is no longer Hank Pym either), so we don’t expect him to get wet again.

4. He is none other than the Juggernaut

This image is self-explanatory. While this one wasn’t exactly a scene from the comics canon, but, the image is fantastic. She-Hulk and Juggernaut laid waste to the entire room.

According to Dan Slott, it was an alternate reality and never took place.

3. Tony Stark and Black Widow capture their romp on cam

To be fair to the duo, they were not aiming to get filmed. The security system got rigged. However, that’s not the problematic part.

The problem was that Natasha appeared to have no nipples. Apparently, she has cheated the team, and Tony let that known to her, making her angry. Well, that’s just about as much logical as anything in The Ultimate could be.

2. Wolverine and wife of Magneto

In the Ultimate universe, Magneto was married to Magda, but, before their marriage, she had sheltered an injured Wolverine, and they enjoyed some cozy coitus moments, which eventually caused doubts about whose children Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were. Things don’t just stop there. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch share an incestuous relationship in this universe, and their assumed father Wolverine spies on them while they are in the act. No doubt there are times when he is really bad at his job.

1. Deadpool did it in a coffin

This could be the most non-scandalous thing listed here. What’s offensive anyway about a married guy making love to his wife.

The problem here is that he is an immortal mutant suffering from a tumor and she is a shape-changing monster. On top of that, they are making out in a coffin, shortly after she punched through someone’s chest.

Fortunately, in the film, Ryan Reynold’s love-making scenes were before his mutation.


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