15 Couples In The Superhero Genre Who Will Make You Drool


Everybody has someone they love. Someone with whom they are intimate, share their life and heart with. Well, this is true for superheroes and super villains as well. Most of us tend to forget that Superheroes have life apart from, well, being a superhero. At times, their love interest and romance are crucial for plot points. Their relationship is what actually drives the story.

We are a familiar with so many hero and villain couples and the obvious ones that come to mind from the DC Universe is Superman and Lois lane and the Joker and Harley Quinn and in the Marvel Universe is Wade Wilson and Vanessa.These couples have had on and off relationships but when they are together, they are just adorable.

A few these couples make us wish that we had relationships like these:

1. Black Panther and Storm

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2. Green Arrow and Black Canary

3. Superman and Wonder Woman

4. Gambit and Rogue

5. Batman and Catwoman

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6. Scott Lang and Hope Van Dyne

7. Aquaman and Mera

8. Spiderman and Mary Jane

9. Sara Lance and Nyssa Al Ghul

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10. Scarlet Witch and Vision

11. Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor

12. Nightwing and Starfire

13. Jean Grey and Wolverine

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14. Superman and Lois Lane

15. Gwen Stacy and Spider-Man

16. Deadpool and Vanessa Carlysle


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